Monday, May 26, 2014

Why does everyone keep telling me that this is happening so fast?

Hey! I totally didn’t think that I would get to email today so this is quite a treat. I just have to tell you what a fabulous week this was. We learned lots and worked hard. 

First news first, DOMINGA WAS BAPTIZED! It was incredible. We had some great lessons with her leading up to her baptism this week. She even gifted us some bracelets and called us her daughters. There was one lesson we had with her where she does completely opened up to us about all the problems that she has been having with her children. She posed the rhetorical question: why did I even come to America if they don’t even want me here? That was when we just testified that she came here to find the restored gospel. She came here to get baptized and set that example for her children. It was so powerful. The spirit really testified to all of us that that was true. 

The baptism yesterday was perfect. I can’t even begin to put it in to words. Everything fell into place so perfectly. For example, a baptismal dress literally just appeared in the chapel so that Dominga didn’t have to wear a jump suit! That only could have been the workings of God. Her 2 children also showed up to the baptism (totally surprising all of us). They got there at perfect timing and were all so touched with the service and Dominga's testimony that she shared after her confirmation that they all want the missionaries to come over and teach them. It is amazing to see how much of an impact one person can have. Generations will be changed because of Dominga. 

Literally the best part of the whole service is when Dominga whispered in my ear, why does everyone keep telling me that this is happening so fast? She was genuinely so confused. We then just talked about how great faith she has and how people are so amazed by her. She smiled and just replied I think everyone should have some faith. Wise words from a very wise lady. We would all be very well to listen to her words and have some faith. It was amazing to see how her faith literally brought miracles- practically instantly- to her family. God really does work by faith! 

(Quick interruption, our phone just went off and gave us a tornado warning! haha that’s awesome right?)

We had some other really neat experiences this week but I will be brief. It is sufficient to me that you know that Juana and Ashley have decided to get baptized June 21. Please pray for them. This is going to be a long hard road but it is totally possible.

We also had a zone conference this week-- our last one with the Pingrees. The topic was exactly what I needed to hear. It is funny how the spirit really does prepare us for certain lessons and meetings. 2 weeks ago I was thinking a ton about sacrificing to the Lord and how we can know if our sacrifices are worthy. Well, it hit me during zone conference. For me it is all about your motivation behind it- are you trying to please God or man? I'm so grateful for my mission because it is helping me develop this attribute now. I know that by dedicating myself now to serve and love God, it will be a blessing to me in the future when I get home. Go read Acts 4 and 5 when Peter and John are in front of the council. They are the best examples of committing their lives to God rather than man. Bottom line is: serve and love God- that is the only intelligent thing to do. 

Love you all!

Hope you have a great memorial day. We will talk next week! Sorry I didn’t catch you online. 

Keep smiling, 

Hermanita Parry
Last time I will see my President and his
lovely wife on the mission
Dominga's Baptism
We found a dress!

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