Monday, April 28, 2014


What a fantastic week, even if I do, say so myself. I am quite content. I also had a stellar study this morning. The scriptures really do just put you in a great mood. Last night we were tracting and this man asked for some material to read, luckily I looked down and had a Book of Mormon in my hand! (Can you imagine a missionary without a Book of Mormon?) I immediately just got so excited! The sad part was that he totally denied it and just kept asking for a pamphlet. I just responded asking him why he wouldn't want another testament about Jesus Christ. Man, I love that book. I know that there is power if we will but just read it and let it sink in to our hearts. I mean Alma 31:5 tells us right there that the word of God is more convincing than a sword- meaning, if someone was to try to jab a sword in your heart to do something, that would not be as convincing as the Book of Mormon. If you want to change, read the Book of Mormon. I can testify to each and every one of you that it is the word of God. I have been changed and continually to change because of the Book of Mormon.

Ok, well now that that rant is over... NAHOMIA WAS BAPTIZED! She is the Medina daughter. Now the goal is to get them into the temple before July 30th. They are amazing. Do you want to know why they are amazing, BECAUSE THEY ARE READING THE BOOK OF MORMON EVERYDAY! Hermana Medina just shut down her Facebook because felt like it was an unhealthy addiction that was keeping her from more fully building her foundation upon Christ. The Hermano is taking giant steps to come back to church as well. Nahomi is not fighting with her little sister anymore. I have never seen someone carry herself with such patience and sweetness. I contribute all of these changes to the Holy Spirit. The spirit is changing their hearts and turning them more towards Christ. We must do those things that invites the spirit, aka read the Book of Mormon.

The baptism was so great. There was a HUGE turnout. Even Juana and Ashley came! There was a ton of non-members. One of the teenagers there even went up to one of the Elders afterwards and told him that he wanted to get baptized. Miracles.

Juana and Ashley are progressing slowly. Ashley has been reading and praying everyday. She was in Alma 34 and she loved the second verse that says something to the effect of: I think it is impossible that ye should be ignorant of the things, which have been spoken of concerning the coming of Christ. She then explained that she liked that part because she feels that way. She just doesn't understand how people don't understand that Christ is real. Both she and Juana admitted to needing more faith because they feel like they only have half a heart and that isn't sufficient for them. Keep praying for them that they will have the strength to take their faith to the next level and get baptized. Thanks!

As you saw, I had an exchange with Hermana Pedersen. I went to a little place called Waller. It was little in the middle of nowhere. They have 5 active families that live in their boundaries. It is crazy. Anyways, it was fun. It was funny at the beginning because we were just like, so how has your mission been? We basically have a whole mission in-between the last time we were together. So much has changed. We had an amazing lesson that night at 8oclock after being denied by everyone else. Lots of amazing things happened during that lesson. The background that you need to know is that he was adopted by his aunt and uncle, doesn't want to know who his parents are, and has a ton of anger and hatred towards them that he doesn't want to get rid of. He has had an extremely hard life and especially because his aunt and uncle did not treat him and his younger brother well. He shared lots of experiences that I will love to tell you one day but I have already said way too much. The bottom line is, while I was sitting there I realize why I was on a mission. I regained my motivation. I am on a mission to teach that Redemption cometh by Jesus Christ so that these people can develop the faith sufficient enough to be healed by Him. THE ATONEMENT IS POWERFUL. I left the lesson a little sad because he didn't want to be changed but grateful to know that the day when he actually does want to change, he can. Christ literally enables us to become some one better. Someone happier! God wants us to be happy. That is the purpose of our existence- to find happiness. And we can!

Life is good. I am striving to be happy even when the circumstances are not all the peachy. I am grateful that I have total control over how I am going to react and feel. I am grateful that when I feel like I can't be happy, the Lord comes in and helps me, as long as I just say a little prayer. He is so good to us. I know that He lives.

Keep smiling,
Hermanita Parry

LOVE YOU ALL! Wow, my heart is just pounding because I really do just love you and miss you! I hope you are all happy! Remember, it’s a commandment (John 16:33)
"I am quite content"

Reunited for the day with Hermana Pedersen

Who am I? haha
Heart attacking an investigators house so they will actually call us!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

poca carne comeran"

I am not sure if I already told you but last week I was asked to give a talk. Loved it. I just love talking about the gospel. But in the talk, I also took advantage of being new and said if you don't know me, come get to know me so we can be friends. Well, that just resulted in WAY TOO MANY MEAL APPOINTMENTS! For example, I had to eat 4 tortas in 5 hours on Wednesday of this week. My skirt popped while I was eating! But it was amazing. It was a really fun week getting to know the members more. Man, I am in love with this ward. They are hilarious. I think my favorite people are always the little old ladies. There is this pack that always hangs out together. The best part is that they are all from different places: Peru, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia. Hna Licona is the one from Mexico and the first time I met her she was making up a song about tacos. Then while she was singing the Hna Tenorio from Colombia started "battling" with her about arrepas- typical Colombian food, via song. One of the funniest things I have ever witnessed. Then Hna Morino, the one from El Salvador, joined in about pupusas. Bottom line is, they are my favorite people on this planet. They are so funny. Anyways, this past week while we were eating with Hna Licona, we decided we are going to do a number in the talent show together. I am pretty excited.

So there is a song in the Spanish hymn book that talks about the Word of Wisdom and this phrase has been stuck in my head all stinkin week: "poca carne comeran". I think it was an answer to one of my prayers about all the reasons I am having all this random health problems. So yesterday in Relief Society we made an announcement that I cannot eat meat. Hopefully things get better! The hermanas said they are fine just feeding me beans and aguacates! I can’t complain. That's my favorite.

Ok I must be really hungry when I write these emails because I always talk about food. Embarrassing... haha

This week was pretty hilarious. I just am in a good mood all the time. We had interviews with President. He is a great man. He just told me that God wont wait until the second I step off the plane to give me answers to as to what I should do with my life. But it will come little by little. He said I have probably received some thoughts and impressions as to what I should do so I better be writing them down. I think he is referring to the whole Spanish thing... We will see what happens. Not too stressed about it at all.

I think the tender mercies for the week al just fall in to one category: the fact that I literally can feel that certain people have been placed in my path. I mean I have felt that throughout my mission but here it is different. Its neat because I can see how God really put me here because He knew that He could use me in a way where we could work together to bring happiness to these people. I felt that a lot this week. He really is preparing people just for me! With the purpose that I can share with them my testimony.

In Relief Society we had an awesome lesson. She talked about how testimonies are not a small thing. She actually chastised us for occasionally using the phrase "I just want to share my small testimony with you today." because a testimony is not a small thing! It is a gift from God. It is grand knowledge of truth. A testimony can change us and others.

So go share your testimonies con confianza! It’s powerful!

I’m happy! Hope all of you are too!

Happy Easter! I know that Christ lives! What a great message. He has risen and He is in the details of our lives. I love Him.

Keep smiling,

Hermanita Parry
and this carrot was hilariously shaped. trying to stay entertained in the car.
WE ARE ALWAYS IN THE CAR!!! Our area is so huge
Amy's look a like down to the hands!  LOVE THIS GIRL
tracting in Katy, TX
here is the skirt... not really mission appropriate but hey its a way cute outfit.
looks like its straight off of a jcrew model!
Mission Version of the Easter outfit..

Monday, April 14, 2014

Some Random Thoughts

 This week we just laughed way too much.

There is a 80 year old woman, that I just adore, whose home semi-burnt down a few months ago. This past week we went over there to help her pack everything up so that the electricians could redo the wiring. Well I cannot tell you how important it is to do spring cleaning. We were there all day but you couldn't tell. After we would finish one thing we would open the next drawer and be like, "MANUELITA!" She has so much stuff. All this little nick nacks. She is obsessed with roosters and has so much china. I have to admit I love her tiny little tea cup sets though. While cleaning, Manuelita found a hat and put it on backwards and started doing this little rap thing. It was probably one of the funniest things of my life. To get a better idea of this spunky old woman, the first time I met her, she rose her fist to the air and yelled "tenemos el amor de cristo!" She is fantastic.

We had a lesson with one of the part member families that we are working with this week. The nonmember is a nine year old little girl named Kimberly. The things that come out of her mouth kill me. This past week we asked her what she wanted to sing and she replied "TITANIC!!" haha obviously if I wasn't a missionary I would be so down to sing Celine Dion with her in a heart beat. It was the funniest moment ever. As the lesson continued she just kept saying and doing the funniest things. We taught her the plan of salvation. At the end she gave a closing prayer and in it she said "I really want to go to the sun because I love God and Jesus. Help me go to the sun." It was so adorable. We did a little clarifying and told her we don't actually go to the sun. She didn't seem to care though. She continued to hold the little sun cut out I have of the plan of salvation.

We also had a lesson with Lucho. He reminds me of the man from Nacho Libre who only believes in science. He told us how he believes we come from the dinosaurs and then proceeded to show us his dinosaur collection. We then had an interesting lesson about Adan y Eva. Thank goodness we had a member with us because it was rough.

I really think desserts follow me wherever I go. I remember when I first got here Hna Townsend said that she hasn't had sweets in a few transfers here in westgreen. Well right when I got here, everything changed. This week wasn't any different. An Hermana even called us randomly to tell us that she had just decided to make a flan for us. The next day Hna Medina gave us german chocolate cake but earlier that week she surprised us her her homemade cheesecake that is to die for. It is never ending. I wish I didn't have such a sweet tooth. We now keep forks in our purses. haha The great thing is I am not gaining a pound!!

This week was also very spiritual. It was interesting to see how God really just changed our plans so we could be and do exactly what he needed us to do. I have to admit; nightly planning this week has been so hard because we just haven't felt super stoked about our days. This has required lots of prayer! But in the end, everything works out perfectly.

PS. I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING AMAZING!!! This week I found out Yesenia (Louetta) just got a calling. She is now the YW Secretary! She gets to go to camp with Keishla! How cool is that? She is already progressing beautifully in the Lord's Kingdom.

All right, back to Westgreen. This week was amazing with Juana and Ashley. They are so close to baptism it is ridiculous. Juana's brother is actually on the mission right now in Kansas. I think he might be in Payton's mission. I can’t remember exactly. Anyways, we went over to teach them this week about ayuno so that they could do it and really feel the urgency for baptism. But when we walked in, we just weren't feeling it. We talked for a little seeing how her brother was doing in the mission, etc. Juana offered the first prayer and in it she mentioned something about how grateful she was that we were at her house showing her and teaching her what her brother does daily. So that is where are lesson went. The inspired question came and we talked about how she feels about knowing she is listening to what her brother is carrying to the world. It was so powerful. We then talked about the blessings they have received and pointed out when they came to know these things were true. The amazing thing was they finally came to church! this was Juana's 3rd time and Ashley's 4th. They put everything aside to make it happen!!! It was the perfect Sunday for them to be there too. She knows that in order to keep progressing she needs to get baptized but something is stopping her.

Here is some food for thought from President Utchdorf:

"Are you sleeping through the Restoration?"

Hermanos, we are living in the Restoration. What are you doing about it?

I invite you all to consider that and reevaluate what you can do to be apart of this great work. I promise you that it brings happiness.

Keep Smiling,

Hermana Parry

HAPPY EASTER! Everyone go watch the video the church put on youtube for Easter. AMAZING! It will have the front page this Sunday.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference April 2014

Conference just came and went in a blink of an eye didn't it? I literally don't even know what to think about it all. I will say that the talk by Elder Stevenson was so amazing. We have to perform now. We only have 4 minutes! Well in my case, I realized 4 minutes is a whole lot like the 4 months that I don't even have left on my mission. I don't even have the luxury of 4 months. That just put a whole lot more pressure on me to push myself and make sure that I have no regrets and that I really did invite others to come to Jesus Christ. I better get working.

This week was amazing. I am so happy here. I just feel at home and one hundred percent comfortable. These are my people!

The coolest thing we saw this week was just the fact that our investigators really opened up. They either expressed their concerns and fears or they just became our best friends. It really has helped us understand what we need to do to help them. But I know that this only happened because the spirit touched their hearts and because they felt the charity that we have been so earnestly praying for and striving to develop. I loved one of the truths that President Monson shared this weekend, he said something to the effect of: we each have the power to increase the happiness of the world by the love that we express. That is truth. I have seen it. Once these people opened up to us, we were immediately able to give them the hope and happiness that they so desired.

Nahomi Medina, one of the daughters of my new favorite family, is getting baptized this month. On Tuesday when we passed by, she was so excited because she wanted to share her experience she had about praying to know the Book of Mormon is true. She shared how after the prayer she just stood still and felt so good. It is that simple. The whole time she was sharing this with the biggest smile. The Book of Mormon is powerful evidence that Jesus is the Christ. We find happiness by knowing and understanding Him better.

Also there is another part member family that we are working with. This is my project. He is away from home for 8 days then sometimes is only home for an hour or a day until he has to take off again. He is the most family oriented man I have ever met. I have never met a man who loves his children as much as he loves his daughter. Anyways, we are trying to help him relate those feelings he has towards his daughter to the feelings are Heavenly Father has towards us. The only thing is that it is so hard to see him. He totally will be baptized though because he wants to be with his family forever. He just doesn't know how yet because we cannot see him! Pray that somehow, something changes so that they can be forever!!! The daughter is 4 and last night when we passed by to see the wife, she kept rolling in a blanket and yelling "soy un taquito, comalo!!!" it was literally the cutest thing of my life.

Speaking of taquitos, the Medina family has forever won the title of my favorite family because they made me taquitos this week.. de papa. i am pretty sure she made about 100. I think one reason I was called to the Spanish program was because my love for food. It is so embarrassing but that is definitely how I bond with these people. I am eating good here.

I realize this email is not that jam packed with cool things but man, this was a good week. I cannot remember anything. I am just writing because you told me to inform you on things and be detailed since we cant talk haha hope this suffices. I love life. I am just a cheesy little missionary and it makes me so happy. I am also realizing how old I am. President Pingree goes home really soon. We have our last interviews with him next week. He has changed my life. I will most likely just cry my whole time with him.

I know that our Savior lives and I pray that we all never miss an opportunity to proclaim that truth. We are His disciples and people need that knowledge of Him. Lets go!

Keep smiling,

Hermana Parry

PS. I think that this is the most fun time I have had my whole entire mission. I am so happy. Literally, this might be the most fun time I have had my whole entire life. Hna Townsend and I are always laughing. Life is so good. God is so good to me.