Monday, April 21, 2014

poca carne comeran"

I am not sure if I already told you but last week I was asked to give a talk. Loved it. I just love talking about the gospel. But in the talk, I also took advantage of being new and said if you don't know me, come get to know me so we can be friends. Well, that just resulted in WAY TOO MANY MEAL APPOINTMENTS! For example, I had to eat 4 tortas in 5 hours on Wednesday of this week. My skirt popped while I was eating! But it was amazing. It was a really fun week getting to know the members more. Man, I am in love with this ward. They are hilarious. I think my favorite people are always the little old ladies. There is this pack that always hangs out together. The best part is that they are all from different places: Peru, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia. Hna Licona is the one from Mexico and the first time I met her she was making up a song about tacos. Then while she was singing the Hna Tenorio from Colombia started "battling" with her about arrepas- typical Colombian food, via song. One of the funniest things I have ever witnessed. Then Hna Morino, the one from El Salvador, joined in about pupusas. Bottom line is, they are my favorite people on this planet. They are so funny. Anyways, this past week while we were eating with Hna Licona, we decided we are going to do a number in the talent show together. I am pretty excited.

So there is a song in the Spanish hymn book that talks about the Word of Wisdom and this phrase has been stuck in my head all stinkin week: "poca carne comeran". I think it was an answer to one of my prayers about all the reasons I am having all this random health problems. So yesterday in Relief Society we made an announcement that I cannot eat meat. Hopefully things get better! The hermanas said they are fine just feeding me beans and aguacates! I can’t complain. That's my favorite.

Ok I must be really hungry when I write these emails because I always talk about food. Embarrassing... haha

This week was pretty hilarious. I just am in a good mood all the time. We had interviews with President. He is a great man. He just told me that God wont wait until the second I step off the plane to give me answers to as to what I should do with my life. But it will come little by little. He said I have probably received some thoughts and impressions as to what I should do so I better be writing them down. I think he is referring to the whole Spanish thing... We will see what happens. Not too stressed about it at all.

I think the tender mercies for the week al just fall in to one category: the fact that I literally can feel that certain people have been placed in my path. I mean I have felt that throughout my mission but here it is different. Its neat because I can see how God really put me here because He knew that He could use me in a way where we could work together to bring happiness to these people. I felt that a lot this week. He really is preparing people just for me! With the purpose that I can share with them my testimony.

In Relief Society we had an awesome lesson. She talked about how testimonies are not a small thing. She actually chastised us for occasionally using the phrase "I just want to share my small testimony with you today." because a testimony is not a small thing! It is a gift from God. It is grand knowledge of truth. A testimony can change us and others.

So go share your testimonies con confianza! It’s powerful!

I’m happy! Hope all of you are too!

Happy Easter! I know that Christ lives! What a great message. He has risen and He is in the details of our lives. I love Him.

Keep smiling,

Hermanita Parry
and this carrot was hilariously shaped. trying to stay entertained in the car.
WE ARE ALWAYS IN THE CAR!!! Our area is so huge
Amy's look a like down to the hands!  LOVE THIS GIRL
tracting in Katy, TX
here is the skirt... not really mission appropriate but hey its a way cute outfit.
looks like its straight off of a jcrew model!
Mission Version of the Easter outfit..

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