Monday, April 28, 2014


What a fantastic week, even if I do, say so myself. I am quite content. I also had a stellar study this morning. The scriptures really do just put you in a great mood. Last night we were tracting and this man asked for some material to read, luckily I looked down and had a Book of Mormon in my hand! (Can you imagine a missionary without a Book of Mormon?) I immediately just got so excited! The sad part was that he totally denied it and just kept asking for a pamphlet. I just responded asking him why he wouldn't want another testament about Jesus Christ. Man, I love that book. I know that there is power if we will but just read it and let it sink in to our hearts. I mean Alma 31:5 tells us right there that the word of God is more convincing than a sword- meaning, if someone was to try to jab a sword in your heart to do something, that would not be as convincing as the Book of Mormon. If you want to change, read the Book of Mormon. I can testify to each and every one of you that it is the word of God. I have been changed and continually to change because of the Book of Mormon.

Ok, well now that that rant is over... NAHOMIA WAS BAPTIZED! She is the Medina daughter. Now the goal is to get them into the temple before July 30th. They are amazing. Do you want to know why they are amazing, BECAUSE THEY ARE READING THE BOOK OF MORMON EVERYDAY! Hermana Medina just shut down her Facebook because felt like it was an unhealthy addiction that was keeping her from more fully building her foundation upon Christ. The Hermano is taking giant steps to come back to church as well. Nahomi is not fighting with her little sister anymore. I have never seen someone carry herself with such patience and sweetness. I contribute all of these changes to the Holy Spirit. The spirit is changing their hearts and turning them more towards Christ. We must do those things that invites the spirit, aka read the Book of Mormon.

The baptism was so great. There was a HUGE turnout. Even Juana and Ashley came! There was a ton of non-members. One of the teenagers there even went up to one of the Elders afterwards and told him that he wanted to get baptized. Miracles.

Juana and Ashley are progressing slowly. Ashley has been reading and praying everyday. She was in Alma 34 and she loved the second verse that says something to the effect of: I think it is impossible that ye should be ignorant of the things, which have been spoken of concerning the coming of Christ. She then explained that she liked that part because she feels that way. She just doesn't understand how people don't understand that Christ is real. Both she and Juana admitted to needing more faith because they feel like they only have half a heart and that isn't sufficient for them. Keep praying for them that they will have the strength to take their faith to the next level and get baptized. Thanks!

As you saw, I had an exchange with Hermana Pedersen. I went to a little place called Waller. It was little in the middle of nowhere. They have 5 active families that live in their boundaries. It is crazy. Anyways, it was fun. It was funny at the beginning because we were just like, so how has your mission been? We basically have a whole mission in-between the last time we were together. So much has changed. We had an amazing lesson that night at 8oclock after being denied by everyone else. Lots of amazing things happened during that lesson. The background that you need to know is that he was adopted by his aunt and uncle, doesn't want to know who his parents are, and has a ton of anger and hatred towards them that he doesn't want to get rid of. He has had an extremely hard life and especially because his aunt and uncle did not treat him and his younger brother well. He shared lots of experiences that I will love to tell you one day but I have already said way too much. The bottom line is, while I was sitting there I realize why I was on a mission. I regained my motivation. I am on a mission to teach that Redemption cometh by Jesus Christ so that these people can develop the faith sufficient enough to be healed by Him. THE ATONEMENT IS POWERFUL. I left the lesson a little sad because he didn't want to be changed but grateful to know that the day when he actually does want to change, he can. Christ literally enables us to become some one better. Someone happier! God wants us to be happy. That is the purpose of our existence- to find happiness. And we can!

Life is good. I am striving to be happy even when the circumstances are not all the peachy. I am grateful that I have total control over how I am going to react and feel. I am grateful that when I feel like I can't be happy, the Lord comes in and helps me, as long as I just say a little prayer. He is so good to us. I know that He lives.

Keep smiling,
Hermanita Parry

LOVE YOU ALL! Wow, my heart is just pounding because I really do just love you and miss you! I hope you are all happy! Remember, it’s a commandment (John 16:33)
"I am quite content"

Reunited for the day with Hermana Pedersen

Who am I? haha
Heart attacking an investigators house so they will actually call us!!

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