Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference April 2014

Conference just came and went in a blink of an eye didn't it? I literally don't even know what to think about it all. I will say that the talk by Elder Stevenson was so amazing. We have to perform now. We only have 4 minutes! Well in my case, I realized 4 minutes is a whole lot like the 4 months that I don't even have left on my mission. I don't even have the luxury of 4 months. That just put a whole lot more pressure on me to push myself and make sure that I have no regrets and that I really did invite others to come to Jesus Christ. I better get working.

This week was amazing. I am so happy here. I just feel at home and one hundred percent comfortable. These are my people!

The coolest thing we saw this week was just the fact that our investigators really opened up. They either expressed their concerns and fears or they just became our best friends. It really has helped us understand what we need to do to help them. But I know that this only happened because the spirit touched their hearts and because they felt the charity that we have been so earnestly praying for and striving to develop. I loved one of the truths that President Monson shared this weekend, he said something to the effect of: we each have the power to increase the happiness of the world by the love that we express. That is truth. I have seen it. Once these people opened up to us, we were immediately able to give them the hope and happiness that they so desired.

Nahomi Medina, one of the daughters of my new favorite family, is getting baptized this month. On Tuesday when we passed by, she was so excited because she wanted to share her experience she had about praying to know the Book of Mormon is true. She shared how after the prayer she just stood still and felt so good. It is that simple. The whole time she was sharing this with the biggest smile. The Book of Mormon is powerful evidence that Jesus is the Christ. We find happiness by knowing and understanding Him better.

Also there is another part member family that we are working with. This is my project. He is away from home for 8 days then sometimes is only home for an hour or a day until he has to take off again. He is the most family oriented man I have ever met. I have never met a man who loves his children as much as he loves his daughter. Anyways, we are trying to help him relate those feelings he has towards his daughter to the feelings are Heavenly Father has towards us. The only thing is that it is so hard to see him. He totally will be baptized though because he wants to be with his family forever. He just doesn't know how yet because we cannot see him! Pray that somehow, something changes so that they can be forever!!! The daughter is 4 and last night when we passed by to see the wife, she kept rolling in a blanket and yelling "soy un taquito, comalo!!!" it was literally the cutest thing of my life.

Speaking of taquitos, the Medina family has forever won the title of my favorite family because they made me taquitos this week.. de papa. i am pretty sure she made about 100. I think one reason I was called to the Spanish program was because my love for food. It is so embarrassing but that is definitely how I bond with these people. I am eating good here.

I realize this email is not that jam packed with cool things but man, this was a good week. I cannot remember anything. I am just writing because you told me to inform you on things and be detailed since we cant talk haha hope this suffices. I love life. I am just a cheesy little missionary and it makes me so happy. I am also realizing how old I am. President Pingree goes home really soon. We have our last interviews with him next week. He has changed my life. I will most likely just cry my whole time with him.

I know that our Savior lives and I pray that we all never miss an opportunity to proclaim that truth. We are His disciples and people need that knowledge of Him. Lets go!

Keep smiling,

Hermana Parry

PS. I think that this is the most fun time I have had my whole entire mission. I am so happy. Literally, this might be the most fun time I have had my whole entire life. Hna Townsend and I are always laughing. Life is so good. God is so good to me.

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