Monday, April 14, 2014

Some Random Thoughts

 This week we just laughed way too much.

There is a 80 year old woman, that I just adore, whose home semi-burnt down a few months ago. This past week we went over there to help her pack everything up so that the electricians could redo the wiring. Well I cannot tell you how important it is to do spring cleaning. We were there all day but you couldn't tell. After we would finish one thing we would open the next drawer and be like, "MANUELITA!" She has so much stuff. All this little nick nacks. She is obsessed with roosters and has so much china. I have to admit I love her tiny little tea cup sets though. While cleaning, Manuelita found a hat and put it on backwards and started doing this little rap thing. It was probably one of the funniest things of my life. To get a better idea of this spunky old woman, the first time I met her, she rose her fist to the air and yelled "tenemos el amor de cristo!" She is fantastic.

We had a lesson with one of the part member families that we are working with this week. The nonmember is a nine year old little girl named Kimberly. The things that come out of her mouth kill me. This past week we asked her what she wanted to sing and she replied "TITANIC!!" haha obviously if I wasn't a missionary I would be so down to sing Celine Dion with her in a heart beat. It was the funniest moment ever. As the lesson continued she just kept saying and doing the funniest things. We taught her the plan of salvation. At the end she gave a closing prayer and in it she said "I really want to go to the sun because I love God and Jesus. Help me go to the sun." It was so adorable. We did a little clarifying and told her we don't actually go to the sun. She didn't seem to care though. She continued to hold the little sun cut out I have of the plan of salvation.

We also had a lesson with Lucho. He reminds me of the man from Nacho Libre who only believes in science. He told us how he believes we come from the dinosaurs and then proceeded to show us his dinosaur collection. We then had an interesting lesson about Adan y Eva. Thank goodness we had a member with us because it was rough.

I really think desserts follow me wherever I go. I remember when I first got here Hna Townsend said that she hasn't had sweets in a few transfers here in westgreen. Well right when I got here, everything changed. This week wasn't any different. An Hermana even called us randomly to tell us that she had just decided to make a flan for us. The next day Hna Medina gave us german chocolate cake but earlier that week she surprised us her her homemade cheesecake that is to die for. It is never ending. I wish I didn't have such a sweet tooth. We now keep forks in our purses. haha The great thing is I am not gaining a pound!!

This week was also very spiritual. It was interesting to see how God really just changed our plans so we could be and do exactly what he needed us to do. I have to admit; nightly planning this week has been so hard because we just haven't felt super stoked about our days. This has required lots of prayer! But in the end, everything works out perfectly.

PS. I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING AMAZING!!! This week I found out Yesenia (Louetta) just got a calling. She is now the YW Secretary! She gets to go to camp with Keishla! How cool is that? She is already progressing beautifully in the Lord's Kingdom.

All right, back to Westgreen. This week was amazing with Juana and Ashley. They are so close to baptism it is ridiculous. Juana's brother is actually on the mission right now in Kansas. I think he might be in Payton's mission. I can’t remember exactly. Anyways, we went over to teach them this week about ayuno so that they could do it and really feel the urgency for baptism. But when we walked in, we just weren't feeling it. We talked for a little seeing how her brother was doing in the mission, etc. Juana offered the first prayer and in it she mentioned something about how grateful she was that we were at her house showing her and teaching her what her brother does daily. So that is where are lesson went. The inspired question came and we talked about how she feels about knowing she is listening to what her brother is carrying to the world. It was so powerful. We then talked about the blessings they have received and pointed out when they came to know these things were true. The amazing thing was they finally came to church! this was Juana's 3rd time and Ashley's 4th. They put everything aside to make it happen!!! It was the perfect Sunday for them to be there too. She knows that in order to keep progressing she needs to get baptized but something is stopping her.

Here is some food for thought from President Utchdorf:

"Are you sleeping through the Restoration?"

Hermanos, we are living in the Restoration. What are you doing about it?

I invite you all to consider that and reevaluate what you can do to be apart of this great work. I promise you that it brings happiness.

Keep Smiling,

Hermana Parry

HAPPY EASTER! Everyone go watch the video the church put on youtube for Easter. AMAZING! It will have the front page this Sunday.

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