Monday, May 5, 2014


Before I forget I have to share with you the best recipe for HORACHATA. It was divine and it is from my favorite guatemalteco.

1/2 cup of oats
1 spoonful of vanilla
sugar to your liking
1 cup of milk
1 spoonful of cinnamon

Mix all of that in a blender and serve with ice. Enjoy!

Transfer calls were last night and Hermana Townsend is leaving. I am so devastated. Obviously I saw it coming but it never makes it any easier. We just have way too much fun together and I’m not quite ready for someone new to come. I love how Hermana Townsend and I just talk. I don't think I have ever talked more in my whole entire life as I have talked with her in these past 6 weeks. I learned so much and we grew so much too.

Ok there were a ton of funny things that happened this week and I just have to share two of them.
1. At English class this man from Ecuador was trying to explain about his family. He ended up saying "Here I am single and at home I am married."
2. We were eating with a member and her son who is 18 who apparently is amazing at singing. After lunch we wanted to share a message and begin with a song. Well Hermana Townsend just was laughing so hard that we couldn't even get through the whole song. It was terrible. It made us all laugh. And instead of saying "I am embarrassed" she said "I am nervous" and so the mother blurted out "SOLO ES UN NINO!" ha-ha She totally thought that Hermana Townsend was crushing on her son and it was hilarious.

It was a stellar week. I just love being a missionary! I am content being here forever. I really am. I love teaching the gospel because I have realized that the gospel is more important than any other thing in this world. I don't want to loose this vision. I can’t even begin to explain to you the feelings that I have inside. I know that through the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, God restored knowledge about the plan of salvation. With this knowledge I have been able to be empowered with the grace of God through His son Jesus Christ. I know that Christ is my Savior and my friend. That He literally carries me when I repent, humble myself, and cry out to Him. It’s beautiful.

I studied a lot about the plan of salvation this week so I really feel overwhelmed with love at the moment. If you want to know how much you are loved, study the atonement and the plan of salvation. That will change your perspective on things. I know it has changed mine.

This week we had one of the most amazing miracles. It was one of those things that doesn't happen all too often:
On Friday we planned to make a pit stop at a trailer park to contact a referral that we have not had any contact with since, well ever. The thing about this trailer park is that you cannot park in it because they will tow away your car. So we parked really far away and began our walk to the back park of the trailer park. Well upon walking, we noticed a woman trying to lower a gas tank from her truck bed. We ran over to help her- quick insight, DO SERVICE, it softens hearts and shows people you are true Disciples of Christ. We then got talking a little and introduced ourselves. We asked if she would be interested in listening to the message that we carry and all that good stuff. She unfortunately had to work but her mother, who I swear popped out of nowhere, motioned us to follow her so that we could share it with her. We sat down and had a powerful first lesson. There is power in the powerful first lesson! We taught the restoration and she just understood it perfectly and was so excited about the Book of Mormon. That is when we knew she was one of the elect. Her reaction to the Book of Mormon was so pure and she was so excited to read more testimonies of our Savior Jesus Christ. Then when we invited her to be baptized she immediately said yes and asked what she needed to do to prepare. We told her about church. The problem is she has a job on Saturday and Sunday only. She said she is willing to leave it so she can come to church. This week she was not able to come but she should be there this coming week. PRAY FOR DOMINGA MARTINEZ! Oh, another really cool aspect is that her husband passed away in December. I literally could feel that her husband has been praying and preparing Dominga so that all this would fall into place; so that she could discover the joy of the restored gospel and so that they could both do those saving ordinances. THERE IS STRENGTH BEYOND THE VEIL. I have come to learn that very rarely does someone get baptized, here on earth, who does not have someone who has already passed, praying for them so that they can get their own work done. This is the case with Dominga and it is amazing to be apart of it.

I love the gospel. It’s so real! It really will carry us to our Heavenly Father and it can assure that we stay there with Him.

Keep reading the Book of Mormon! It is true!

Love you all.

Pray for me and my new comp!

Keep smiling,

Hermanita Parry

we actually almost ran over it. 
obviously we had to pull over and save it which also meant PHOTOSHOOT.

sun burnt... its a good thing you cant tell just how bad it is in this photo... sorry mom  
watermelon is our fav!!!
mi bebe hermanita Koch.
matching skirts for zone meeting...
homemade with love from Hermana Pedersen's mom...
supporting Juana's daughter Ashley at her race!!! perfect place for contacting...

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