Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The importance of having an eternal perspective

Ok to start out I just want to update you on the marvelous Dominga. She will get be getting baptized this Sunday and we just got permission to have her confirmed during the baptismal service as well. She has to return to Mexico in 2 weeks and we want her to be prepared. If everything goes as planned we just be headed to the temple the week after. Remember how I have only known her for 2 weeks? Ya she is that prepared. This week when we talked about all the commandments she willingly committed to leave behind her cherished coffee. She was so impressed to find out that God has a law of health. She loves it and just keeps telling us how it makes sense! Then last night going over the baptismal questions she got all emotional. She then just shared her whole side of the story on how we came into her life in the precise moment. She had been praying and praying that she could find the right path and then there we were outside, helping her daughter. She explained how she was in a dark place but now she can see the light. I also love that she refers to us as her hermanas, not just to us but to everyone. For example, every time her nieta opens the door for us she calls to her grandma and says "Aqui estan sus hermanas!" She is very determined to get baptized this Sunday. She has already invited all of her family and she is trying to get us to start teaching them. We have all these little strategies that we are going to try to get to them. It’s ridiculously amazing how much Dominga loves this gospel. It inspires me to go search for all the people in Katy that are waiting; just like she was 2 weeks ago.

On that note, Hermana Saenz and I did a ton of tracting this week. But it was probably some of the most enjoyable tracting on my whole mission. We spent hours knocking on doors and discovering new areas. Sure the first day we did it we found 3 Hispanics that whole day. We were differently in the wrong part of the area. But because we were so diligent, the Lord the next day led us to a whole neighborhood of Hispanics! We have a million return appointments this week so we are ready to get a ton of new investigators! They all seemed super receptive.

One of the people we talked to just loves all the churches on the face of this planet. But when we started talking to her, her son came up and started asking us questions. He does not believe in any church because he thinks they are all commercial. Right then and there we put a Book of Mormon in his hands and testified of the restoration. He started reading the introduction of the book while we were talking. As we were leaving, he continued to read. He is going to be hooked. That is the best book there is!

Also we have another baptism next week with a little girl named Kimberly Arias. It will be on the 29th of May. Pray that everything goes smoothly! She is the one who always wants to sing Titanic. Love her!

Thanks for all the prayers. Honestly, I can't even begin to tell you how much they help. You literally can feel them carry you. This week was great. We are working hard. We are finding, teaching, and baptizing and it feels great. I love this work. I love my Savior. I love these people! I am so grateful to have been permitted to work in this cause!

The biggest thing for me this week was just remembering the importance of having an eternal perspective. Even this morning as a companionship we reread the talk "Your Four Minutes" and talked about how we can help people feel the urgency of the importance of this life. If what we are doing will not help us in the eternities, why are we doing it? Now is the time for us to perform. We will have all of eternities to reflect back on what we did. I pray that we will all be pleased with the performance. One part of the talk was my favorite when it said how Christ will make up for the imperfections of our performance. I know that to be true. After I have given my hardest here in the mission, He also takes my effort to heights I didn't know where possible and guides me to fix problems. It’s never to late to change the outcome. I love Him for the love He so freely gives me. I know He lives.

Keep Smiling,

Hermanita Parry


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