Monday, May 12, 2014


Ok this was just the craziest week. You already know that Hna Townsend left me. So while I waited for my new trainee I was with Hna Knappen. This week I had 3 different companions. It was insane. I now have my companion who will most likely be my last. She is Hna Saenz from Juarez Chihuahua Mexico, but more recently lives in Chicago. Ok, definitely think God is trying to tell me to push myself with the Spanish these next few weeks. She is pretty great. She loves to talk. Literally, the whole hour and a half home, she talked! So that is good. Never a silent moment.

Transfer meeting on Tuesday was probably one of the highlights of my mission. I WAS REUINTED WITH "THE CELESTIAL KINGDOM" as President Pingree liked to call us. I finally saw Hermana Burnham and Hermana Koch again. It has been 9 months since the 3 of us had all been together. The best part was that Obispo Marin was also at the meeting. I just about cried. I imagine that is how Alma felt upon seeing the sons of Mosiah after their many years separated. I love those Hermana’s so much. They are the best of me.

It is really weird to be in Westgreen without Hna Townsend. It just seemed so right for us to be here together but I am really excited to be working with such a fresh missionary. It makes me really excited about trying to get a job at the MTC after the mission because she just tells me story after story. Makes me remember back to 15 months ago. Wow.

Anyways, this week I took Hna Knappen to meet Dominga. Even though we were only together for 3 days, I knew she had to meet Dominga. EVERYONE HAS TO MEET DOMINGA!! You just walk into her house and you feel it. She is so ready. When Hna Knappen met her she made the announcement that she officially quit her job so she could come to church. She then bore testimony that she knows God will give her a better one. Remember how we didn't even tell you to quit her job and she just did it? That just proves that the spirit is the real teacher. Hna Knappen now loves her too.

Then when Hermana Saenz got here. Dominga was also the first person I took her to meet. Hna Saenz just started crying when we walked in because you can just feel God's presence there. There is no doubt He is working to prepare her. When we sat down she told us how much she is loving the Book of Mormon. She then told us all about Lehi's dream and how she feels like Lehi. She is hungering after that book and it is amazing. She then proceeded to tell us that we should just come over everyday. She really believes and recognizes us as God's servants sent to her at this particular time.

On Sunday Dominga came to church and in Relief Society announced that she was a new member to the church. She is obsessed. We talked about temple work and family history as well as the book of Mormon. They were super great classes for her. She is excited to come back next week. I LOVE DOMINGA!!!! Ill take a picture with her this week so you can see her. She is beautiful! She radiates the light of Christ more than anyone I have ever met.

We also had an amazing lesson with the Medina family on Friday night. It was a huge crowd. We watched the Restoration with about 25 people. It felt so nice. There is nothing else that I would rather be doing on a Friday night! haha We got a new investigator out of it and we are quite excited to answer all her questions.

On Saturday night we had a stellar mothers day activity. You should be getting an email of the performance the missionaries did soon. I enjoyed myself. Westgreen is just my favorite.

Cute story. I was playing the prelude in Relief Society and this little old lady from El Salvador just started belting out the lyrics while I was playing. It was awesome.

MANUELITA CAME TO CHURCH. It has been months. And she came to the activity. Next stop: the temple! Hopefully.

So being a trainer this is what I have learned this far: The essence of leadership is expressing your weaknesses openly! You cannot let these new missionaries think that you are just this perfect missionary who knows everything because then they are going to think that you are doing all this work. Rather you need to show your weaknesses, because we all have them, so that all the glory goes to God. Lets face it; He really is the one in charge. It is amazing too because then they can see how God really does work through us and enlarges our abilities. The atonement is great. We have to turn everyone towards it and there is no better way than by our examples of us using it!

I met this man on Wednesday in Oakcrest that changed my life. We literally just sat there and had an intense scripture study with Him. He just kept flipping from page to page expounding the doctrines to us. It was so much fun! I learned that when we speak of the gospel we must speak slowly, powerfully, and well pronounced.

Also Jacob 4:13. New favorite scripture. This is what I am focusing on this week. Saying things as they really are. We have the truth and we need to be confident when we present it. We must say things how they really are. No sugar coating nor beating around the bush.


Keep Smiling,

Hermanita Parry

Sorry I typed so many random things. ENJOY!

this week i learned that if you coupon you can actually get money back-
its like you get paid for shopping! 
a lady in hna knappens ward gave us a ton of extra stuff that she has from couponing
"I find your lack of faith disturbing."  -Darth Vader  
KATY with Hna Townsend
Musical Number

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