Monday, June 2, 2014


Yes, you read correctly!!! DOMINGA WILL BE HEADED TO THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK. She is taking her own names: her abuela, tia, y esposo. It is going to be a wonderful experience. She is quite excited. These are the words from her own mouth about how she feels about temple work: (I’m obviously translating it for you) "I not only want to do this work for them but I need to do this work so that we have a union in Heaven and can be with God forever together." Beautiful right? During this lesson we talked about the sealing power and how that was restored upon the earth in this final dispensation. It was a really sweet lesson. Hna Saenz was on an exchange when this happened so I obviously had to take my temporary companion to meet Dominga. She just tends to build everyone’s faith so I think it is good that everyone has the opportunity to know her. She has definitely built my faith that God really has sent angels to prepare the hearts of our neighbors and friends for this message.

This was another really sweet thing she said during this lesson. I gave her the address for her chapel in Taxco, Guerrero as well as the bishops phone number and all the important information. I may have also found the directions so I could explain to her how to get there... Anyways, when I presented it to her she just lit up because she was so happy to know that she can continue in this path forever. She said how she would pay the 6 pesos to take the bus there and then walk the .7 miles back to her house after the service every Sunday. It was cute because she promised us that she will forever keep learning and progressing. She sometimes questions why she had to wait so long for this gospel but she understands it is all part of God's plan. I cannot even express to you the joy that I feel with Dominga. Literally, I do not want to say goodbye to her in 6 days. Good thing goodbyes are only temporary.

Oh another funny story about Dominga and then I will move on. We had a cita with her programmed for Saturday at 3. That morning her daughter called us and asked us for permission to take her to the zoo since she has to go back to Mexico in a week. Well, obviously my first intention was like NOOOOO but then we decided it probably be nice to share haha The best part is Hna Saenz and I know without a doubt that Dominga was probably resisting going to the zoo because we were suppose to come over. She never wants to miss anything. She puts God first always! It was hilarious. We hung up the phone and just asked ourselves- did she really just ask for our permission to hang out with her mom? haha

Right now Hna Saenz and I are obsessed with making videos. Too bad I cannot send them to you. There are some hilarious ones. You know that song about eating worms? Whelp, I now know it in Spanish and it is probably one of the best accomplishments ever. Spanish study is definitely one of the highlights of the day.

This week I learned that we don't need trials to perfect ourselves. Sometimes I feel like when things are going easy God has not trusted me with the ability to progress. I realize how absolutely absurd that sounds writing it out but sometimes I just feel like I am left alone when I do no have any real challenges. Well this week it was made very clear that just because I do not have any super hard trials right now does not mean that I cant progress and that God is not aware of me. It just means I do not need those right now. Now is the time to perfect those imperfections by more obedience and self-control. I kind of realized this in a lesson we had this week with Hna Alejandro- eternal investigator. She was saying how she used to have dreams of God all the time before she found the church but once she started attending, they stopped. The lesson of the story was maybe she did not need that anymore. It was cool to see an answer to one of my questions be given through an investigator.

Ashley will for sure be baptized on June 21st. Juana is still struggling a little bit. Ashley is such a great example. Every time we go over I ask her what she felt when she read the Book of Mormon this week and every time she says the same thing "When I read, I feel more faith." That is why we leave commitments. So that they can have more faith! It is so amazing to see how that is a true principle- it does not matter the age.

So I feel like there comes a point in your conversion when you are learning about the gospel when you just cry because it’s so beautiful. There wasn't one thing in particular that strikes you but you just have an overwhelming feeling because it’s true and perfect. That happened to me this week and it was beautiful. The atonement is perfect.

We had the opportunity to go to the temple on the 30th... my 16th month mark. That was crazy! We were there for 5 hours because I had a family name! There is an unexplainable happiness there.

Last story and then I will let you all be. I am just really happy about some of the things that happened this week. It also hit me that even if people do not progress and get baptized, it is still super important that they know these things because it is the only thing that will keep them happy. I am kind of speaking in reference to the commandments, in particular the law of chastity.

For the past 3 months we have been teaching these 2 teenagers. Their mom really wants them to know God. She makes them go to 3 different churches on Sunday and a bunch of other things. These girls are really confused and it’s really hard to get them to progress because of all the other distractions of different doctrines and what not. But this week we had planned to teach them the law of chastity. We were really excited about it but as we walked to their trailer obviously we got a little uneasy because we didn't want to add to the awkwardness that already exists in our lessons. But we prayed and the spirit really took over. It was a great lesson. It was so powerful to just be able to testify how important this commandment for our own peace of mind and happiness. We flat out said even if you don't get baptized in this church or keep meeting with us, you need to promise God right now that you will forever follow this commandment. They promised that they would. We told them to keep this folletito in a place where they could look upon it con regularidad as they grow up. They said, don't worry, we will. We keep all the other ones too. The oldest told us she really enjoyed this lesson as we were leaving. It's because Hna Saenz and I really tried to speak from our heart about the importance of this commandment. That is what was able to touch their hearts. We must speak with our hearts to touch hearts.

I am still happy as can be out here. Trekking away. Pray we find those elect people!

Oh also, Kimberly's baptism is this Thursday! YAY! We had to change it back one week so the Bishop could be there. We had a killer lesson on the atonement last night. The gospel is so incredible. The most important advice I can give anyone is just LOVE THE GOSPEL. That will change you and that will change your life. That is how you can be happy and successful. Anyone can grow to love it. They just need to put it in to practice! That is the great message we carry to the world. That anyone can participate in this goodness. Mmmm it makes me so happy! I pray that we are willing to sacrifice everything that we can so that others can taste of this goodness. Have the faith that God is preparing your friends and family. I can testify and tell you that your friends and family will be so happy you shared this part of yourselves with them. I cannot tell you how many times Dominga has told us how she can never pay us back for what we did for her. The truth of the matter is we did nothing but share our testimony. That's all you need to do and God will do the rest. It may take time but it will happen. God is good! So good and He wants us all to partake of the goodness that He offers.

Keep smiling,

Hermanita Parry
58 days left in Texas!
Trying to drink water upside down!
Attended the Temple on my 16 month mark
Love my comp!  We are having fun.

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