Monday, June 30, 2014

Plan of Salvation

This was the best week of my whole entire mission. I already know I am not even going to be able to begin to describe even the smallest amount of joy, peace, and love I feel. But I will sure try.

This week was just jam-packed! I am so happy with my Heavenly Father because He really is just so sweet to me. He knows me and He loves me. I know that His timing is so perfect and so specific to my needs and me. Its incomprehensible how absolutely perfect He is.

Ok with that little introduction; let me get going on to the good stuff. WHICH IS SO MUCH! I'm just going to start out by giving little random details.

Our little reactivated friend, Anita, decided she is finally going to take her husbands name to the temple and they are going to get sealed! She also is getting her patriarchal blessing! She is on fire.

Hermana Pena has been praying this week! We are going shopping this week to find her a white dress for her baptism because she does not wear anything that has been used... Such a diva! She is doing really well. It all changed when we shared Alma 33:21 with her. We flat out told her she wasn't looking towards God because she wasn't doing the small things. It was a powerful lesson because we were so bold and simple with her.

Hermana Manuelita said one of the funniest things ever; "la gente espera que lleguen las bendiciones envolvidas en tortillas de arina." (People hope that blessings will come wrapped in flour tortillas). The point was that we have to work to receive blessings! Amen to that.

So this is a funny story that an Hermano shared with us. He was saying how last week he was mowing the lawn but was wearing shorts that kept falling down. Every minute or so he was having to pull up his shorts and try to get situated to start going again. He went on like that for an 1 1/2 until he finished the yard. The smart thing would have been for him to grab a belt from inside so that he could have gone forward more effectively and without such a burden. Well he related it to repentance. He said how in that moment he realized how if we will just buckle down and repent completely and sincerely all at once, we could move forward happily and free from burden. I have the biggest testimony that when we really do turn to God in humility and repent, our hearts and perspectives can be changed immediately and we can press forward with freedom. It is beautiful. I loved that little story because man, that would be so annoying! Especially when a belt was within his reach. Do we realize that a belt is within our reach too? It is the atonement. Take the time necessary and repent so that you can go forward in a way that is more enjoyable and effective.

Ok so now that all that is out of the way this is where I have to start to attempt to explain everything. I mean I could just write one sentence- I AM A CHILD OF GOD. And that really explains it but I want you to know how I really came to know and feel that in a different light this week.

On Friday, we had the once in a lifetime opportunity to go to the temple with President and Sister Pingree to say goodbye to them. We did a session with them and the Temple President and the Matron. Before the session, President Crane asked us to ponder the question- who are you? Afterwards we talked about it as well as having an open Q&A session with him. Wow. The whole session was incredible. I love the temple. I know that it is the Lord's ours. Which means, it is our house too! I know that there we are instructed on high. We learn and feel who we really are. I know that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I have been since the beginning! It was amazing to be able to feel and recognize that this past week in a way completely different than before. I also learned what that really means for me and the things that I have to do in my life to fulfill that. There is so much I want to say but I don't even know if you can understand my thoughts via email. Ill tell you in a couple weeks.

The tender mercy was that after everything the Temple President stopped me to grab my hand and talk to me for a little bit. We talked and it was so special. He gave me the admonition to just go and do now. President Pingree also said something when we said goodbye that just made me know how conscientious our Heavenly Father is of each of us. I am so ready to work for the rest of my life and for all of the eternities. Man, the gospel is amazing. You will never stop learning and you will never stop progressing. It is alive! It is so exciting!  

I know that God is the same today, yesterday, and forever. I know that because of that, we can have complete trust in Him. I know that He loves us and all that He does is to bring to pass our eternal life and our immortality. He wants us to feel loved and know of our divinity! I am so grateful for the opportunities that He gave me this week to feel it. It not only has changed me but it is also helping change others. Let me explain.

After the temple, that night we had another lesson with our miracle friend- Alicia/ Araceli. We taught the plan of salvation. I think its safe to say that was the most natural and beautiful lesson I have ever been apart of. The spirit was so strong. It was all so natural because Hermana Saenz and I had just come from the temple and we really understood who we are and the plan God really does have! In the lesson our little amiga could even understand who divinity because she could feel it from the spirit. At the end of the lesson she told us how it was interesting that we focused so much on baptism. The really cool thing is that we probably only said one sentence about baptism but because the spirit was so strong and really was the spirit in that lesson, she was being taught by the spirit that baptism is her next step. How absolutely amazing is that? That is how teaching should go. We just set up the environment for our friends to be taught by the spirit. She doesn't have a date yet but she definitely is progressing towards one! I love her.

As you can tell from the pictures, I went to my very first sealing! That was probably one of the coolest moments of my life. I was so happy for this couple! I am still happy for this couple.

The Hermana who was sealed is from Colombia and during her reception the Colombia vs Uruguay game was going on. They made the restaurant turn on the TVs so that everyone could watch the game. They even had the flags. It was the craziest wedding I have ever been too. I love the picture of the Hermana cheering when they scored one of their goals. It was out of control. These people and their soccer.

I’m really happy to be part of the work of salvation. That's really what it is. SALVATION! That is a really big deal. I pray that we all develop Christ-like love so that we truly desire salvation for our brothers and sisters. We would do best to really love our neighbors as we love our siblings. That love really can change the world.




Keep Smiling,

Hermanita Parry

Celebrating 20!

Last Temple Visit with my Mission President and his wife.

Gooo America!!! turns out they lost...awkward 

this is my favorite picture. she is so happy and excited
Wow what a great moment!!

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