Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"We are not made for endings"

I have to keep reminding myself of that inspired phrase from President Utchdorf because Dominga is out of the country now. She is probably landing in Mexico right now as I am typing this! Her flight left super early this morning so we had to say our goodbyes yesterday. Honestly, I was feeling so strong when we got to her house! It wasn't until Dominga bore her testimony with us that I completely lost it. She kept saying how she will never be able to repay us or thank us for all that we did for her, but really, its al contrario. My testimony of the validity of this church has been strengthened just by seeing the fruits of the gospel in the life of Dominga. I am a better disciple of Christ, because of her. It is incredible. Everyone was edified in this process. There is no way that this gospel cannot be the truth! She testified so tenderly how this gospel has given her light and hope in her life.  She said that she is going to try to end up in Utah or California with her daughter someday. She promised this wouldn't be the last time we see her. She is one remarkable lady. I have never met someone so strong. I kind of feel like a mother in a way because I just saw the whole process. Her conversion was fast but it is so deep and it is only going to get deeper! I am so confident that she is going to do great things in her little branch in Mexico. I am not worried about her one bit. I am just so sad we have to be separated!

We had a wonderful time at the temple with her this past week. She ended up taking 6 of her family names. Anyways, these are the highlights from the temple. 1. When we got there, she just lit up and clapped her hands. It was just how I imagine the people at the waters of Mormon when Alma is describing the baptismal covenants. You could see that it was the deepest desire of her heart to enter the house of our Lord. 2. When she walked in, she described that something hit her so strong and it felt like it just couldn't fit. She had the confirmation that this was the house of the Lord. 3. When she did baptisms for her grandma, cousin, and aunt, she said that she had this energy inside and that every time she was lifted from the water, she saw a light above her. 4. When we were leaving, she turned to me and asked how we were able to find all the names to prepare them for the temple- originally; we had only had 3 names. Well I just said, God is good huh and she grabbed my hand and squeezed it. It was in that moment she promised me that when she got to Mexico she was going to do some investigations because she had remember some other family members who have already passed away when she was in the temple. For me, my favorite part was the whole 2 hours we were there. But it was special to sit there and watch someone do the ordinance of baptism for her husband. Dominga has caught the wave. What an example she is to everyone in Westgreen. She literally does not wait to get busy in the work of the Lord! So why should we?

Kimberly Arias was baptized this week as well! Finally, this baptism has been postponed 3 times. But not by her choice. The ward has moved it 3 times! But finally it happened. It was a great service once it got started. We actually have a new investigator out of it. I was talking to the great-great grandma and she told me she is thinking about getting baptized now because she is so old and needs to be ready! We are going to go teach her today.

The thing is Kimberly has only been baptized by water. Yesterday there was a fire at the church so church was cancelled. Satan keeps throwing all these crazy twists and turns but the baptism will be completed! Keep the Arias family in your prayers please. They are less active and so this baptism is really important. Obviously Satan knows how pivotal it is going to be in all of their lives. The gospel blesses families! Not just the individuals. There is bound to be changes for the better once Kimberly's baptism is finished.

It is so evident to me lately that God really is so intimately aware of each of us, His children. He will put people in our path that we need to help and bless. Nothing is ever a coincidence. I am grateful for the mission because it has taught me that we need to treat each encounter with someone like a divine appointment. We are here to love and do good. I am grateful for the time to be a missionary because that is all I get to do for 18 months. It is preparing me for the type of person we all must be for the rest of our lives. I literally am here to grab people's hands when they have fallen and lead them to our Savior so that HE can heal them. My job is to make sure people know how to turn to Christ and be healed. It is amazing because I get a front row seat to view the healing process in my friend’s lives. Christ lives. He loves us and He is OUR Savior.

Keep smiling,

Dominga made me my favorite; ELOTE con CHILE
risked my life to save this Tortuga!
She is lovely right?

Kimberly Arias was baptized this week
the sweetest goodbye

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