Monday, November 4, 2013

Renewing your dedication

Well all I have to say is that things are on fire. I love Hermana Deloya so much! We finally figured out everything and it is amazing to see how things just changed immediately. It is so true how we really are the ones that are the variables in the equation. God is always constant and is always wanting to bless us and help us. We are the ones that put barriers up that will keep him from doing so. But now, Hermana Deloya and I have broke down the barriers and we are working together. We have literally changed how we do everything and God is sending down heavenly help and helping us see things as He does! We have literally seen Louetta Este change in 2 days. From the instant that we sat down and straightened everything out and made inspired goals and plans, everything has been different. I am my happy self 100% again because we are doing everything together and bringing people to Christ, His way! In 2 days, we have found about 20 people who used to talk to missionaries and would like to be taught again. Is that not amazing? We went to taquerias and panaderias to find these people and just got to work. There wasnt a person that we didnt talk to. Some of them even bought us pan y flan y tacos y horchata. That was just an added bonus. That part of the day made me feel like Alma when he specifically prays for his consiervos and then they just go out and don't worry about food, drink, or clothes, but just go out to preach and everything is taken care of. 

One of the things that we have really changed is the way we pray. We get so specific and we have both learned that GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!!! We have prayed for people who have heard the gospel before and are ready now to make changes and prepare for baptism. But its not that we are just saying that. There is combined faith behind it. And even more so now because we have both seen that it works. Ya, maybe it has taken me 9 months to realize that but thats ok because I am so happy that I finally did because it has changed the way that I am going to do missionary work for the remaining 9 months- yes, i hit my hump this past week in case you forgot! 

But the reason that I titled this email- renewing your dedication, is because I did that this week and I just feel like a missionary who understands her purpose more fully and has more faith to go forward and do hard things. I had a similar experience as President Gordon B Hinckely! At least I like to think so. He received a carta from his dad that told him to forget yourself and get to work. Well my Padre Celestial sent me a some information this past week too and told me: ya you do have imperfections but I am here to help you make them strengths, so listen to me and go do all things that stand in your power with good courage and I will sustain you. This is going to sound so bad but I think my biggest weakness is that I can't stand not being perfect. Maybe some of you already knew that BUT for me it is so hard to accept it. I feel like this week I have finally accepted it though and wow, I feel a huge load off of my shoulders. I feel like I can breathe! I can more easily recognize those things that I can do and do those things. That is all God asks of us- to do our best! I cant make the unreasonable claim that my best has to be perfect because that is just impossible! 

Just keep Alfonsa in your prayers- she has a baptismal date! November 16. 


Keep smiling, 

Hermana Parry

This is the taqueria by our apartment.
They are tacos from the df.
Soooo good!!!! But to be honest, they were not spicy enough. 

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