Monday, November 18, 2013

2 muchachas y un gato

What a stellar week. We are finally reaping what we have been sowing! This week we set 3 baptismal dates. We really have been having to demonstrate our faith these past couple of weeks because we have felt very strongly to drop certain investigators- Emilze, and give other investigators to different missionaries- Alfonsa. As a result, we have been trying to be creative, praying differently, working a lot with members for referrals, etc. so that we could have people to teach. It times it was really depressing but everything is changing. Louetta Este has totally done a 180. I cannot tell you about how God is just placing people in our paths were it was once impossible to find them. I think we passed a test that we had given us because He is blessing us so much. 

First off, Teresa's little sister, by some miracle, now has permission from her mom to get baptized! This is a huge miracle because before she was so against it. But now Emily will be getting on the 30 of November. Emily is so excited. She is my best little friend. She reminds a little bit of Monson because she is my little basketball buddy! It’s so cute. 

There is also this girl named Maria Rosario who has completely had a change of heart. She is a referral hace 3 transfers. No one has been able to get in with her and when we were on exchanges two weeks ago, Hna Deloya got in with her. She told them that she doesn’t believe in God and all these other really depressing things. But this week we had a powerful first lesson with her about the Restoration and she was totally receptive. We had it in a member’s home-, which is how we have to teach her because her mom is very catholic. The lesson was so powerful that she prayed and said she would get baptized! She is 25 and super awesome. 

Our other top investigator is a referral from a family in the English ward. They both served in the DF- shout out to Elder Mac. It is there niece who is living with them for the year and she is from Mexico. She doesn’t speak English yet so we get the opportunity to teach her and our lesson with her yesterday was amazing. She is so smart. She repeated everything back to us and was just beaming. Her name is Alejandra- 9 years old. I love teaching in a member's home because the spirit is so strong!!!! Everyone befriend your missionary’s investigators, or better yet, bring your friends to meet the missionaries so that they can feel of the spirit and have amazing experiences. 

Honestly, I can’t even begin to describe everything that is going on. There is a lot! I hope I am not jinxing anything by saying all this. I just wanted to let you know that your prayers for this area are being heard! Our ward is actually doing a 40-day fast right now for missionary work and I have to think that a lot of the miracles that are occurring are directly correlated to that! I love missionary work. When else do you get to talk about Christ 24/7 and be His representative. It’s the best! There is never any other time when people will randomly invite you in to learn how to make tamales, sing and teach them how to play piano, buy you pan dulce and tacos, etc. This is such an amazing experience in so many different aspects. 

Also, Hermana Deloya will be leaving tomorrow morning. She is getting transferred. It is really sad actually because of all the growth and progress of the area and of us individually and as a companionship. But she has more people to go help and save. She is an incredible missionary and I will really miss quoting nacho libre with her. 

I am happy and really excited about what it going on. This is going to be a great holiday season!

Sending all my love!

Keep smiling. 

Hermana Parry

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