Monday, September 30, 2013

"Allow the fire to strip away the interior"

Shout out to my girl Teresa! Everything went perfectly this past Saturday at her baptism. Basically the whole ward was there to support her. I don’t think that I have felt the spirit as strongly as I did that day. Her cousin, Diego, baptized her. He is probably 28 or so and huge. It was so cute because after the baptism she went to hug him and just cried as he held her. She was glowing that day. I mean, she always glows but now even more so. The following Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. Prime timing right? There was an ex-misionero that said, "Teresa's baptism was something grand to God and the ward." The ward has just been waiting for her. I have never seen a ward take someone in like they took in Teresa. It gives me hope for Lencho and Maria in H5! 

This was also a tender mercy: We were trying to contact referrals. (Yes we actually get referrals in this area!!! How wonderful is that?) Anyways, turns out it was a faulty address. But when we were walking back to our car there was this cute chino building something and we decided that we wanting to see what he was making. He explained and then told us to go inside have his wife show us all the things that they have made together. So we knocked on the door and a lady named Quinn opened the door. She quickly told us to come in and gave us so much love. She was so excited so show us what they have made. (They work do drapery) But the best part was that she was even more excited to talk about God! She told us all about her belief in Jesus Christ and how she just wants a better world. It reminded me of the scripture in Ether 12 that says that those who believe in God can have hope in a better world. She was a living example of that verse. We then explained our missionary purpose to her and let her with a folleto of the Restoration. She told us that we look of children of Christ and then said, Look- pointing to Jesus's face- you look like Him. I wanted to hug her and just cry. I don't think I have heard anything more sweet and sincere than that simple sentence in her broken English. It really has had a huge impact on me and made me think that people really do recognize us as representatives of Jesus Christ. This is something so real. We need to be some one that can have the image of God engraved in our countenance!

Which brings me to my next point. THE RELIEF SOCIETY BROADCAST!!! I think this time of year is better than Christmas. I love listening to all our appointed church leaders. There was one part of the whole conference that really stuck out to me- allow the fire to strip away the interior. It was the talk by Sister Reeves and she was talking about the Provo tabernacle being burnt but that it was ultimately refined to become the Brigham City Temple. The Lord allows us to be tried and refined because He sees it all. Remember that, He sees it all. We are all in His hands. 

My Sunday night could have been a work of salvation video. Hermana Deloya and I went to break our fast at Hermana Gaytan's house- relief society president. We were talking and eating and I then asked if she had anyone that we could visit this week. She said why don’t we go now?! Ummm, how could we resist. We hopped in her car and starting making visits to menos activos. It was awesome! She is catching the wave! I loved her enthusiasm and willingness to just drop everything and go NOW. That’s how we must all be. This is not the time to wait for tomorrow but this is a work for now. I love it! It was also awesome because doors that usually don’t open for us, OPENED! I also think that they will continue to open because we had awesome experiences at their homes. The spirit was so strong and everyone we visited committed to go to conference this next week! 

I love you all! 

Get ready for conference:) 

I am starting to find my family here in Louetta and it makes me so happy!

Keep smiling, 
Hermana Parry

PS Remember that love breaks all barriers. That is an important lesson I learned this week too!
Teresa and her sister
My girl Teresa!

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