Tuesday, September 3, 2013

D&C 100:4

"Por consiguiente, yo, el Senor, [te] he permitido venir a este lugar; pues asi me era conveniente para la salvacion de almas."

I have to say that I am really glad that I read that scripture this morning otherwise this letter might be a little more sad. As you already know, I got transferred last week. On Thursday to be exact. Probably one of the hardest days of my life. I pulled up to transfer meeting and just lost it and couldn’t hold it together for a while. The tender mercy was that President Pingree came up to me and just held my hand and told me that he liked to see me crying because that meant that I had given my heart, mind, and soul to Gulfbank. I can’t tell you how much that comment meant to me. It was just assurance that I really did give everything to Gulfbank. The people of Gulf bank changed my life and I will always hold them so dear.

The ironic thing is that Maria and Florencio were the last people that I saw in Gulfbank. When we were still friends back in July, Maria told me that she would buy me a dress from Mexico because I told her I really wanted one. Then that whole fiasco happened and we stopped being in contact with each other for quite a while. When I went to say goodbye, Maria pulled out the dress! Now believe me, I’m not a materialistic person but at that moment I don’t think that anything could have meant anything more to me. I just cried because I realized that there was a deep amistad there and that they were forever changed because I had met them. I also got choked up when Maria told me that there were other people in Houston that I need to meet. I agreed. There are more Lenchos out there and I am excited to find them!!!

My new area is Louetta East and it is on the other side of the 45 from Gulfbank. En verdad, I am sitting at a library in Gulfbank to write this. That is how close I am! I am really happy to be here and meet the people. The ward is amazing. I was sitting in fast and testimony meeting amazed at how strong these members are. It’s going to be awesome. I already have a good majority of the wards names memorized so that’s a start right? Oh here is something really cool! I am not sure if I wrote you about Angie's aunt (Hermana Herrera's sister) who gave the most amazing closing prayer at Angie's bautismo, but she is in my ward!!!! I was greeting people at the door and she walked in with her children and I freaked out. The kids then kept asking their mom when she could have us over. That was another little tender mercy. I know I am in God's hands and that he is putting me where I need to be.

My new companera is Hna Deloya! She is a native speaker so my goal is to kill English this transfer and became Latina! She is so small and cute. My favorite thing about her is that when she gets excited she brings her hands up to her face and says "ewww" and does this cute little shake. haha I hope you can get the visual.

I’ll try to send pics next week! Today was crazy with the short time on the computer!

I love you so much and I am so proud of all that you are doing. I know life is hard but nothing is too hard for God! Rely on Him and all is well

Keep smiling, (I know I am trying to)

Hermana Parry
Saying GOODBYE to Gulfbank and the Trio Companionship

Friends Forever

Great Gal

Picture sent from Hermana Burnham reads, "Can taking a picture with Elders be any more awkward?"

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