Monday, September 16, 2013

Keep Smiling

This is my Mexican Dress that was given to me!

Hermana Deloya

God Bless America
HEY family!

I am so happy. Seriously there are so many great things happening all throughout this mission. It just testifies to me that this really is the Lord's work and more people are being prepared by His hand. Also I have a testimony more now than ever before of the reality of the believing blood. Being a missionary is the best! And I know without a doubt that I am suppose to be here in Houston but more specifically in Louetta.

I still just cant believe that we were able to get in contact with Emily Barrera. God literally put us both in each other's path because she is ready! We dont have her old teaching record, she is not found in any progress report. NADA. But yet, here we are. This week we set a baptismal date for October 19th. She is really struggling reading the book of mormon but she just downloaded it on her iphone so it would be a little easier. Past missionaries got ahold of this week when word got out that Emily Barrera was found. They told us that she had problems about reading the book of mormon. But seems to me we are slowly getting over that issue. God is softening her heart and preparing her more. We texted us this weekend and said that she got an answer. She wouldnt tell us what it was though. She is really scared. But I know that she knows it is true and that she needs this. The witness of the Holy Ghost makes an impression on the soul that is more powerful than anything you can see or hear. She felt it. Keep her in your prayers. She needs a lot of strength. There is so much more that I could say about her but I hope that will suffice.

On Saturday we had to knock ALL day. Literally though. We had 9 hours of knocking. But at 8:30 it all paid off. We tried contacting one of our potential investigators. About a week ago we had a cita with her but she opened the door and was drunk. So we just told her we would come back another time. So surprise. There we were at her doorstep at 8:30 at night. She told us now was not a good but we didnt give up. We got talking a little more and she told us her and her daughter were having a really hard time right now and just broke down. We shared a scripture and then asked to prayer with her. When we asked to pray with her she lit up and immediately invited inside. We then talked a little more. She joking said that its a shame that kids dont come with instructions. But introduced her to the Book of Mormon and said these are the instructions. We promised that if she read the Book of Mormon tonight that she would see immediate changes. When she got the Book of Mormon in her hands, her countenance immedaitely changed again. She was glowing and promised to read. The spirit was confirming everything that we were saying. It was a super powerful experience. And ironically all happened at 8:30 after knocking all day.

Funny tracting story: so we were in a trailer park and we knocked on this old ladies door. We sweetly told her who we were and who we represented and then she was like you are those mormons huh. We said yes and then she freaked out on us. We ended up asking her if there was anything that we could do for her but she said no but there is a lot that you can do for yourself and slammed the door. Its times like those when I wish I could just sit down and explain what we believe because she just ignorant.

I love you all so much! I love being a missionary and getting to know these people. They are amazing. I am learning and changing so much. Life is good. Couldnt get any better.

Keep smiling,

Hermana Parry

I told her next pictures I need to see her FACE!!

Look at Chef Mack - thanks for the receta Dad!

Burnt Fingers...

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