Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"yo senti padre"

Yes I am a title repeater but the person who said it was not Collette so I figured I could get away with it. It was actually Collette's step-mom who is not a member who was explaining to us the first time she felt the influence of the Holy Ghost. I thought it was so amazing that they both said that because I have never ever heard anyone else put it that way. 

Anyways, to give you a little background information, we started teaching Collette's dad and stepmother this part week. They don’t live in our area but the first lesson we had with them was amazing. Bottom story short: the day after our cita, they went and bought their marriage license so they could get married on the 21. Remember how I told you we are having a ward activity- a free marriage. Well it is sure a good thing we planned that because if we hadn’t, they probably would not have been so urgent. As of right now they are the only ones that are getting married but we are hoping the Francisco and Carol jump aboard as well. I am getting off topic though. Let me tell you about the lesson we had with Collette's parents: 

So we had a really cool object lesson to teach Collette about the atonement. It failed the first time, and never in my whole mission has that happened, and so we had to try it again. After the object lesson we talked about becoming clean and starting a new life. But we also talked about how our perspectives and feelings literally can change as well because of the atonement. That really caught Collette's stepmom's attention. Hermana Baxter turned to me and asked if she should invite them to be baptized and I just shook my head. She then muttered a silent prayer so that the opportunity to bring up baptism was come smoothly if it was the Lord's will. Within 10 seconds, it got brought up. The whole lesson was so perfect and so inspired. They will also be getting baptized on the 29th of March. Collette just start jumping up and down. The husband was ready to get baptized this weekend buuuuttt Collette is in Mexico right now and I know it would break her heart if she weren’t there. I mean, she was the one who started this all anyways. It is amazing the influence one 9 year old can have. 

Some more progress is that both Zoe Guzman and Francisco fasted this Sunday with us. Francisco loved it! At church my stomach and Zoe's stomach was talking with each other the whole time. It was hilarious. But I really think that their fasting and praying is going to take them where the Lord wants them. Francisco was so cute on Sunday because he was just going up to everyone and shaking his or her hands. KEEP PRAYING! This is the weekend that things need to happen for him. Family, do not let a single prayer go by where you do not include him in your prayer. We can make this happen with our faith. I already know God wants this so now lets just combine efforts and make this happen. Ok thanks! 

Transfers are in 1 week. A ver que pasa. 

Another great thing about this week was just that Yesenia is so happy!!! I have never seen someone smile so much. She is a completely different person. I mean she was amazing before but now she is just wonderful. We are hoping to take her and Keishla to the temple this week. 

We have some pretty great expectations for this week as you can tell. 

This past week was honestly one of my favorites. Miracles happened but I think it was one of my favorites because we worked. And we worked hard! I can honestly testify that working is the key to everything. Fall on your knees and then get up and go. That is how things start happening. 

In a letter I got from dad this week he said that a mission is a lot like a foreign film, one you feel like you understand it, its over. I have to agree. This week I felt like I was actually fulfilling my missionary purpose and everything was different. I cant explain it because its mainly a filling by I am so happy because I know that if we do things the Lord's way, we are in turn blessed and have a little glimpse of the happiness that awaits us. 

I love Louetta. I remember when I first got here I had very little hope that I was going to enjoy my time here but wow, God is good. I know He is aware of us. 

Keep Smiling, 

Hermana Parry

Pacos is getting so big that they now opened up more parking. Pan dulce anyone? 
Ok so this is Sister Flannery, one of my roommates. I love her to death. Her and her companion came home with a platter of crawfish so we had some fun. I definitely could not get myself to eat one though. 
This is lengua o sea TONGUE. And yes, we ate it. Do you see the taste buds? 

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