Monday, March 24, 2014

Last email from Louetta

I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED! Tomorrow Hna Baxter will just kick me to the curb and my new companion will pick me up. I feel a ton of peace though! I am really excited to meet more people and see what God has in store for me. However, at the same time, it is so hard to leave these people. I am so attached. And we all know I have separation issues. I have had some sweet experiences though with a lot of these people within the past 24 hours though so all is well. I am going to just keep this message sweet and simple and fill you in on the highlights this week. 

1. COLLETTE'S DAD WAS MARRIED TO NANCY! The ward really pulled through and we had a great free wedding! It was amazing. I was laughing with Collette's dad right after the ceremony and he said something to the effect of, its all your fault! You told us that there would be more couples but its just us! He was so happy though the whole night. They are in love! And they are so excited to get baptized. At their wedding we talked a little about the temple and he made sure that I come back so that I can dance at the party afterwards. Literally kills me that I am not able to dance with these people right now. Honestly, it was my favorite wedding I have ever been too. The spirit was so strong because they knew that they were just doing this so that they could prepare for the bigger picture. The other weddings have been nice but the couple hasnt had a clear goal that THEY WILL be entering the temple in one year. I am so excited for them. Sunday at 5 will be their baptism. 

2. I took Grammy's name to the temple and did all the work! We woke up super early so that we would have time to do everything before our session. There is no doubt in my mind that we are in the Lord's church. This cannot be the work of man. There is just no way. But the really sweet thing about this experience was that during the confirmation, the worker had to stop because the spirit was so strong. He literally could not keep going. Afterwards he asked me how I knew this person and I told him that She was on of my great grandmothers on my grandma's side. He said I knew you two were related! She was literally there with me the whole day in the temple and I know that she will keep helping me here on the mission. Ironically this was all done on grammy's birthday. Cool huh? 

3. Francisco told me I will be the first person he invites to his baptism.

4. I rode 21 miles on a bike this past Wednesday. Best day ever! This day there was a man that told me I look like Shakira? I dont quite understand that. 

5. An Hermana from H5 was eating pupusas in a little shop in my area and by no coincidence at all I walked in there to use the bathroom. We ended up eating with her and it was so happy. Hna Baxter finally tried pupusas. 

So those are just a few of the highlights. It was a great week. I love weddings! I love baptisms! I love being a missionary! Life is soo good. 

Keep Smiling!

Hermanita Parry


so happy!

Collette's Parents wedding...All for the big picture!


covered in corn

Gave a talk

A lady gave me the best gift ever a free 80's dress!

P-day Volleyball with the district
Early morning temple visit.  We rode 21 miles on our bike to get here.

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