Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yesenia y Keishla

Well as you just saw from the pictures Yesenia y Keishla were baptized this past weekend. It was literally a miracle. We had not been able to see them for about 2 weeks because of some family issues that they were having. Anyways, they had gone to the stake conference this past week and luckily I caught them so that I could see if we could stop by this week. She said Wednesday. When we went over on Wednesday they told us that they had been reading and are so excited to get baptized. We set another appointment for the following day to teach them the rest of the commandments and have the elders conduct the interview. When we walked in that day, they were studying together at the table. They were just glowing. We went over the remainder of the material and they were both just so willing and ready to leave their old lives behind and dedicate themselves completely to the Lord. The Elders then showed up and conducted the interview. Afterwards, Keishla y Yesenia were glowing. They were so different. Keishla is usually so shy but she was coming up to me and joking around and keeping a conversation going. Usually it is definitely the other way around. Yesenia was just so determined.

The baptismal service was amazing. We pulled it off. It was a very last minute baptism. In the back of our minds we were still hoping that some how it would all pull through. In our weekly goals, we still had 2 baptisms and confirmations written down. We had no idea how it was going to happen but look it did. It was a testimony builder to me that God is in control. There is nothing too hard for Him. This is His work and He prepares His children. It taught me not to be stressed but to just have faith in Him and everything will work out.

Obviously I loved when they actually got baptized on Saturday but there was another really cool, really small, tender mercy that occurred. When we went to take pictures before the service, I lead them to the foyer and pointed to some pictures of Christ that we could stand next to. The one I didn't point to was the one they chose. We had to move the couch and everything. But if you look at the pictures you will notice that it is the one of Christ calling his disciples to leave their next and follow Him. Well that describes to you Keishla and Yesenia. It was absolutely perfect. Now I don't know if they really realized that but I thought it was really neat. They have hearkened to the Savior's call and they are following Him.

In turn they are just glowing! On Sunday when they were confirmed members, they were so happy and filled with the spirit. Yesenia, in the second class, was even flipping open and finding the scriptures herself without my help!! It just goes to show how the spirit teaches us. In her blessing it talked a lot about how the scriptures will be her rock and guide and how she will grow to love and turn to them in every situation. I am so excited. We are hoping to work with the rest of the family as well!

Transfer calls are on the 23rd. I think I am feeling another transfer here. Maybe I'll just die in Louetta. I NEED TO SEE FRANCISCO AND CAROL MARRIED!!!! Keep praying for them, we are seeing them tonight.

Also we have permission to do family history work in our mission once a week. For the past three weeks I have been trying to find information on one relative and I finally found it. I am hoping and praying I can find her parents now. I am obsessed! The spirit of Elijah is powerful. The joy I felt was unreal when I found this information. I also have some names I am going to take to the temple when it reopens in 2 weeks! Hermana Galvan and I started dancing when we found the information. She is an expert of South America ancestry and probably one of my favorites here. Man, it was a good day. I LOVE MY FAMILY!

Keep smiling,

Hermanita Parry

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