Monday, January 20, 2014

nothing happens until after the trial of your faith

Throughout our district this week, every companionship had a stinkin hard week. I was talking to our district leader last night and he was saying how him and his companion had only one lesson up until Sunday- this includes member visits, investigators, todo! They ended up having 4 lessons total for the week but wow. This was a rough week.

For us everything was falling through and everyone was denying us left and right. It was so defeating but we just kept plugging through and having faith that things would get better. On Saturday we had to ride bikes because we did not have any miles on our car. But that is when all the miracles starting happening. We made a commitment before leaving that we wouldn't let anyone pass us by and we DIDNT! The amazing thing was that we even had people yelling at us to come talk to them. We met this one guy Alvaro who is so prepared. He just radiates. He was so taken back when I started speaking Spanish to him. He asked some super deep questions, like: if God really loves us, why do children have to suffer. We started talking about the plan of salvation and the fallen world that we live in. The great part about this all was that he came to church! And he is going to come back again next week! He loves the fact that he is considered an investigator too. He thinks it is the coolest thing ever!

We also met this cute old lady who was outside sweeping her leaves. We took the broom from her and let her sit down. We got talking with her and said how she has been a widow for 40 years. We talked about eternal families and sang for her. The best part about that lesson was that she turned to me, grabbed my arm and said, Hermana, I am ignorant and I can't be saved in ignorance. I just grabbed her arm and said that is why we are here. We are here to help you learn. We then just started joking around and it was really great. Her name is Ofelia if you want to add her to your prayers!

Overall, this week we met some really great people and have a ton of potentials. The thing was that this little miracles didn't come until we exerted every single other effort. We all just have to keep plugging on and having faith in a better world. Things will eventually fall into place. God is busy working and preparing, He just has a very different time table and He wants to make sure we are worthy for these blessings.

The other amazing thing this week was Maria Guiterrez who is now going to be known as Juana, for some reason I am unsure of. Her son is the one who bore the amazing testimony about the validity of the Church of Jesus Christ and how it is the only true church. I am unsure if I told you about her yet. Anyways, she is currently investigating the pentecostes, catholica, and our church. We took la familia gaytan to our cita with them this week and wow. There was power in that lesson. She opened up and told her how her husband wants her to stay in the catholic church but she told us how she feels good reading the book of Mormon. She told us that her deepest desire is that her husband change. Hermano Gaytan bared testimony that if we want others to change we have to change first and be the example. He shared how this gospel has changed him. It was awesome. We are going to take him to Fransisco this week. Anyways, Juana is really starting to progress. And progress fast. She came to church on Sunday and looked great. She had a huge smile the whole time. Turns out she is best friends with Lidia Martinez who is one of my best friends too! What a small and happy world that we live in. Lidia is going to take Juana to clean the church building this Saturday. LOVE THEM!

Keep the prayers coming. Little by little we are seeing the blessings and we are so grateful!
Also, I love riding a bike. I am now praying my next area is solely a bike area. My comp will kill me if I make us ride bikes here every day haha

I LOVE YOU ALL! Enjoy the pics. Finally I can send some love.

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