Thursday, January 2, 2014

LOTS OF CHANGES! Ps. We also found Disneyland here this week in Houston!

MAKING TAMALES ON CHRISTMAS!!! Look how adorable enrique is! I love this little man!!!! I also die that Hermana Carol was trying to put my hair in a mono so I wouldn't ruin her maza haha
Pues, I am training again!! Hermana Tanner is unfortunately leaving me. I am so heartbroken, but I love training so I am kind of excited too. It is very bittersweet. She is an amazing missionary and has some great things in store for her. Our time was too short but it was just what we both needed. We have both been healed and strengthened this transfer. This morning she shared with me a cute story, she was telling me how she met me during the summer when she had first gotten here and the thought came into her mind that she wanted to be my companion. And look, we were! I was her very last one! God is so good to us and He truly is helping each of us progress and reach our potential. These past 6 weeks my little current bush has started to grow again and become what God wants it to become. Ah, I love her and I have truly been blessed from her service!

I am sorry to say this but this definitely had to be one of the best Christmas seasons ever. I love being a missionary!!! There were so many Christmas miracles but I only have time to share 2 so here you go: 

Well a few weeks ago we got a call from Hermana Alvarez telling us that she had just done her visiting teaching and visited with Hermana Acevedo. Hermana Acevedo and her husband went through the temple about a year ago and after that immediately went inactive. This past summer, they told the missionaries that they did not want anyone to visit them. So the first miracle was that they got in with this family! Anyways, during this visit, their neighbor Fransisco was home and he was intrigued with the lesson. Hermana Alvarez is an ex-misionera entonces I imagine she was stellar. Apparently during one part of the lesson Fransisco turned to her and asked if she really knew that this was the one true church and she just bore testimony that she did and told him that he could come to know that as well. Well when Hermana Driesel came down here for an exchange a few weeks ago we tried contacting them and they told us not to come back. I was super sad because they have three little children who are just beautiful and radiate light! We however, then tried finding Fransisco because he seemed golden but when we stopped by he wouldn’t answer the door. Well this week we felt like we needed to go see the Acevedo family. So on Thursday, Hermana T and I stopped by. We said a prayer right before and asked that we would also be able to meet Fransisco that night. When we knocked the door Hermano received us con gusto! We lead us straight to the living room and to our surprise, FRANSISCO WAS SITTING ON THE COUCH! We had a really great lesson about Christ and His mission on the earth. The spirit was so strong. We even got an invite to come back the following day. They are going to get re-activated and Fransisco will be baptized. It was so awesome!

This next miracle also has a lot of back story. I just feel so blessed that Heavenly Father is letting us see the whole miracle unravel. IT IS AWESOME! Anyways, when Hermana Deloya was still here we met a man in Pacos panaderia that bought us a ton of bread. He lived in Louisiana but told us to visit his brother and sister who live on Derby Hall because they need Christ in their lives. So the next day we went to contact this family but the number of the house didn’t exist so we were just tracting and talking to everyone. There were these two little girls playing outside and we left them with tarjetas de cristo with our phone numbers on them. Well fast-forward a little bit. The day before the thanksgiving dinner at the church, a man calls us and says that he is a member and needs the information to our church. Him and his family have just moved here from Monterrey. We told him and he and his family have been super active and golden ever since. Welp on Christmas Eve we stopped by because the bishop had some presents that he wanted us to drop off for them. We asked for his address and he told us some house on Derby Hall. Well luckily I knew exactly where that was. When Hermana Tanner and I were pulling up to the house, I just started freaking out. I already knew who lived there, those two little girls who we gave our number too! I never asked this Hermano how he got our number but when we walked in, we saw the tarjeta on the wall next to the Virgencita. This family that they are living with is super catholic but how amazing that through them, the Amaya family found the church!! 

We also met another part member family that we haven’t been able to meet since I've been here. THEY ARE MY NEW FAVORITES! I left that lesson just so happy because they are already my best friends. With the Lord, we are going to help them get back to church and baptize the dad. 

Fransisco Juarez is amazing! This man is Carol Juarez's husband who is a member. We had a lesson with her and he was just sitting on the couch but he couldn’t keep himself from listening. It was cool to see how the gospel was just luring him in. The light of Christ is real! 

I am very happy. I am so ready for this new transfer. We are going to work so hard to try to get one baptism a week! 


Keep smiling, 

Hermana Parry

I always just want to thank EVERYONE for the goodies that you have all sent this Christmas season. I have also loved all the Christmas cards. Our fridge looks great! Thanks again. 

But really, I am soo happy! It is a great day here in Houston! 

Please keep praying for the Texas Houston mission! Love you! Ok, BYE!

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