Monday, January 6, 2014

it was a stellar week

I hate when I get to the computer and cant think about what just happened this week. I do remember that it was a stellar week. I actually had three different companions this week. I said bye to Hermana Tanner and while I was waiting for my new companion to get here I was with Hermana Carter. But now I have my real companion: Hermana Baxter. 

Can I just say how much I love training! Especially Hermana Baxter. She is great! Let me just give you an example of how purpose focused she is: 

So her first morning here we were trying to work to help her memorize the baptismal invitation so she could extend it later that day- we had planned to have powerful first lessons with a bunch of potential investigators and referrals. So she nailed it and in our first lesson of the day we went to visit Martita. I suppose Hna Baxter forgot she was a member because when the spirit was really strong in the lesson, she invited Martita to be baptized. I love her fire to invite and help people receive baptism. She basically invites everyone, its awesome!

Louetta Este is just such a great area. This is my fourth transfer here and so much has changed. I cannot even begin to tell you how blessed I feel to be part of this work and help change lives and heal hearts through the atonement. Anyways, let me just tell you a little about Fransisco Juarez. Other than he is the coolest man on the planet and I feel like we are kindred spirits, I just love him so much. Yesterday they didn’t come to church because little Adrian is sick so we went to visit them. We had an amazing lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have this really cool steps game that is a super great visual to help people see the path that God has provided for each and every one of us to arrive in the Celestial Kingdom with Him once again. We talk about faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. Anyways, in the middle of the game, he turns and says I'm missing some of these steps. I’m not going to be able to make it if I don’t follow this gospel. BOOM! It hit him and the spirit really testified that he needs to get baptized. We also just talked a lot about how that will strengthen him and his difficulties with drinking. He really opened up to us and told us all of his concerns- things that his wife didn’t even know. He is my new best friend and I am so lucky to be working with him!

I swear, every week I have experiences of learning something new that totally makes me want to change and be better. The more I am out here the more I realize that there is just so much to life and I am so grateful for the gospel that helps me know how to progress and make life its fullest. Life is one whole journey of progression and we must always strive to get better or else the only option is to digress. With that being said, this week I learned a lot about pleading with the Lord. For me I just realized that I have to plead to be an effective instrument in the work. I guess I don’t have to go in too much more detail than that, just know that if you can't live life lackadaisically. As a missionary, I can't just go around but I have to be diligent and pleading 24/7 that His spirit can be with me so that I can do what He wants me to do, be what He wants me to be, and say what He wants me to say. 

As usual I just want to end with my testimony. I am so grateful to be a missionary. I am also so grateful to have the opportunity to teach people about Jesus Christ and His atonement. I know that Jesus Christ didn’t have a toe-dipping experience when He suffered for us. He took on all of our lives and more so that he could fully feel our heartbreaks, sorrows, pains, sicknesses, and afflictions. It is only through Him that we can be healed, strengthened, and exalted. I am so grateful for Him. I pray that we will always think about Him and radiate His light and hope to all we come in contact with. In Christ, we can have the hope for a better world. 

I love you all!

Keep Smiling, 

Hermanita Parry
My little Jaslyn!
First time ever raking leaves...

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