Tuesday, October 22, 2013

E didn't get baptized BUT we are still smiling!

This was a very crazy week! Emilze kept cancelling appointments and avoiding us. We finally got in with her on Thursday and it was indeed awkward. We were at a park and she kept talking to everyone passing by so that she wouldn’t have to talk to us. She brought her sister-in-law, Alexis, as well that ended up being a good thing though. We were talking about the Holy Ghost and how we receive answers. She made the comment that we couldn’t really know that this church was true and we assured her that we could and we do know that it is true. We then read about the fruits of the spirit. The awesome part of the lesson was that Alexis said that no matter how angry or sad she feels, whenever we show up, it completely leaves her and she feels happy and safe. We were able to right away pin that as the spirit and Emilze even agreed with that. Anyways, we committed her to read, pray, and go to church. She has been lacking on reading and church attendance- hence, she has been falling. We have to make sure that we are consistently do all that we can to be close to God, there is no room for half efforts. 

We then were fortunate to meet with Emilze on Friday. Wow. This lesson changed my mission. It was so powerful. I truly felt like an instrument in God's hands to say what He wanted me to tell her. I even told her that we are her to bring her back to God's presence- we made a promise and we are here to fulfill it. We are literally her guides to happiness that lasts. She had lots of doubts and worries when we were there. We talked about how baptism is a necessary step so that you can have the understanding that you are seeking. There is only so much intelligence you can attain prior to baptism- it is like a veil that is lifted when you are baptized. She has developed so much faith and now she has to take a bigger step of faith and enter the waters of baptism. Hermana Deloya is a convert so she was able to explain how everything just clicked when she got baptized.  Anyways we then went back to talk about the Book of Mormon. I was so fortunate to share with her how I received my testimony of the veracidad del libro. To be honest, I always waited for a big manifestation of some sort to know that the Book of Mormon was true. I always had the belief that it was true but I was just waiting for something a little bit grander- i hope that makes sense. Anyways, I read Helaman 5:30 that talks about the Holy Ghost being suave. Most of the times it is just something small but we have to take those small things are recognize that they are something profound because it is from God. It was such a powerful lesson because we could testify with authenticity to all the concerns that she had. While we were in that lesson there was no doubt in my mind that Hermana Deloya and I are suppose to be companions. Emilze needed both of us- that is why we are still together. We have to put differences aside because we both have so much to offer these people. We just need to focus on them and everything falls into place. 

Before we left, we committed her to pray about baptism at 3 o’clock the following day. There was no way she could deny the spirit that was there. It might have scared her because I think it made her realize how true this is and what a big deal this all is. She said she didn’t have her answer still once she finished the prayer. She wanted to spend a lot of time that night praying and that she would call us the following morning to let us know. 

That Saturday, we got the text from her. She seemed really happy. There were smiley faces and exclamation marks! We immediately were like, YES! She is getting baptized today. She told us to come over- so obviously we rushed over there. When we got there she told us her answer was to go to a non-denominational church. First off, I know that is not the answer she got. She was making up all these random excuses and it was so heartbreaking. She didn’t drop us though. She just wants to investigate other churches. We just aren’t quite sure what to do with her now. We testified and really gave bold, simple statements. Super bold.  But that is why the spirit was so strong. 

When we left her house, ya I was a little disappointed BUT I wasn’t sad. I knew that we exhausted every option and really did everything that we could to help her. She is in God's hands and He is not going to abandon her. She is going to come back around real soon and be even more converted. It’s better this way so she can prepare to be a strong member of the church. But I know she knows this is all true. She was even testifying to her neighbor this past week about Jose Smith. Just keep praying for her. 

So that sums up my week. It was all about Emilze! I sure love her. 

On a completely other note, we had NOCHE DE HISPANIDAD on Saturday. Lots of good food and dancing. I love Louetta. There are some really funny people here. I can’t wait to spend the holidays here. 

I love you all so much! 

I am happy and healthy! I am learning how to make pan de elote today- pretty sure I will never ask for a birthday cake again because this stuff is so good. 

Keep Smiling, 

Hermana Parry

Victoriano! Our Grandpa!

Temple Day!

I finally got to wear my shirt from Mexico!

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