Monday, February 24, 2014

Lost and Then Found

ZOE IS BACK IN MY LIFE!!!! I am not sure if I have told you all but for the past 2 weeks Zoe has been dodging calls, citas, EVERYTHING! It has been so hard. But this past Tuesday, we had an appointment with Zoe's neighbor and we took Yancy. For some reason we had freshly baked cookies with us too. Anyways, our appointment with the neighbor fell through but Zoe's cute orange car was there so we went up. We were literally put in the right spot with the right people at the right time. Zoe received us with open arms and was super exciting to see Yancy- wedding bells anyone? Anyways, Zoe looked a lot different. Her countenance was a lot darker. She told us that these past 2 weeks have been really hard and that she hasn’t necessarily been making the best of decisions. We talked again about the atonement and shared about how it heals us immediately if we just turn to Him sincerely. She said how before she wanted to change but now it has come to a point where she needs to change. She is a lot more determined this time around. I know that God did not leave her solita for those two weeks but was getting her more prepared to be a better disciple of His. 

Another great experience was when we took Hermana Gaytan and Maria Gutierrez to the temple. Francisco (Maria's son) was also there. He presented her with a gift. It was really awesome. He also explained how in his patriarchal blessing he got a few weeks ago it talked about how this is the year for his mother to join him in the true church. It also said how her husband would follow his example. Bottom line we are all just focusing so much on her because she is the key for this whole entire family. She is so stinkin close.  I love her so much! I want her to be happy. This week we stopped by every single day (we aren’t obsessed or anything) and one day she just turns to us and says she’s not happy. She didn’t want us to dwell on it or anything but I just know for a fact that she just needs to get baptized and everything she is concerned with will fall into place. Keep praying for her! 

Ok so I had a really cool personal study this morning. A common phrase that we get all the time is "si Dios quiere.." Which means, if God wants. Well that’s a great concept right to want to do God's will. Well here most people use it as an excuse for not doing something which makes absolutely no sense because the things that we ask people to do are literally invitations/ commandments from God. So I found a ton of cool scriptures that I am so excited to one day soon (probably today) use to help them realize obviously God wants them to do these things. Really random but I am just really stoked about it. Alma 42:27 is my new favorite scripture probably to use for this because it literally says right there that God is not going to compel you to come. He will not and cannot compel you to come. He does desire you to come those (moses 1:39) and He help you come but ultimately it is up to us. He have our agency. He has laid down the path to come to Him, which is baptism, but he will never force it. Obviously it is right- we can read that in the scriptures. I really think this applies to any principle or commandment. A lot of the times we wait for answers to our prayers like, should I stop drinking coffee, should I wait to pay my tithing next month, etc. We know the answers already! If we never exercise our faith to sacrifice, we do not have the faith sufficient for life eternal. We just have to act.

I am currently experiencing a lot of heartbreaks with Francisco Juarez y Carol. Pray for them. We finally helped them talk to the bishop about marriage and I think his mind and heart has been changed little by little. They should be praying together now. Prayer is so important!!!! Especially in a companionship or in a relationship. It literally is the only way to access and call down the help of Heaven. But you have to do it together if you want the full effect. 

I just want to close by saying that I know that once we have received illumination once, we have to avoid the temptation to stray from that illumination. If it was right at that time when you prayed about it, it is still right. Truth cannot be changed. God is the same today, yesterday, and forever. I know that. I trust in that. He has never changed on me and I know He will never change on any of us. For this reason, I can have complete trust in Him that He has my best interest. 

I know that membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is literally membership in the Lord's Kingdom. I know that He leads and guides this church because there is no other plausible source that could provide me with all this joy, guidance, and love. I love my Savior. I know we just need to beseech Him and kneel down to Him and He will and can heal us. 

Have a super stellar week!

Keep smiling, 
Hermana Parry 

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