Monday, February 3, 2014

Look Up More

Honestly have ten minutes to write this so you probably will want to proofread it before sending it out... 

I really just want to share with you one story. There are so many great things happening but this one just takes the cake. There is a lot of background information so I hope that I can fit it in all there. 

There is an Hermana: Maria Oralia Gonzalez. She has been investigating the church for 3 years. Her son got baptized last year. She wants nothing more than the be baptized! The only problem is that her esposo will not give her permission to do so. When we had our specialized ward conference, the stake president was ready to fill up the pila right then and there and get her baptized during church. He could just feel her pure heart. Anyways, she has been consuming my thoughts non-stop lately. Miracles have happened and little by little we have been able to see her more and more. Last night we felt inspired to take her to our lesson with Maria and Elmer Rodriguez. We had planned to teach them the plan of salvation. It was so simple and so amazing. By far the most powerful lesson of my mission. Anyways, we taught the fall and the atonement perfectly. The gift of tongues was present. Before we even started the plan we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how that is the path that God has laid down for us to partake of our salvation. That part was really important because when we talked about applying the atonement in our lives they knew what they had to do. Maria is still really set on baptism. Elmer is getting there. Last night during the lesson they opened up to us about their marriage problems. The spirit was so strong and we talked about how the atonement covers everything! Elmer said that before he gets baptized he wants to take care of all his personal matters. We read Marcus 10:27 that says that things that are impossible for man are possible for God. We explained we access God's strength to solve problems through baptism. It was so awesome how the lesson was just unfolding. Little by little he is understanding. We left them with a kneeling prayer. Maria was just crying because she knows that they need this as a family. She is willing to do it without him to get the ball rolling but she sees how this really will help them. Maria was perfect to take. She could relate so well to them and at the end she bore a powerful testimony. She talked about how missionary quite literally are acting as our Savior. She feels and sees it in our countenance. She explained how we love the people and have pure desires to help them. It was amazing! I know that that lesson could not have happened without the spirit. It really does not matter what are talents are. We need the spirit. It guides us to say the words that will touch our friend’s hearts. Our words, when following the spirit, are scripture for our friends! 

"The Lord doesn’t care about your capability but rather your availability. Once you prove your dependability, he will increase your capability." We must turn and trust in Him more. With the atonement, we expand and become more than we could have been otherwise. Mom, show Kayla the diagram I drew for you in the letter that you get this week. It is a cool concept. 

Also, Zoe is trying to follow the word of wisdom this week. Pray for her. She loves coffee! She really is so dedicated. 

Went to the temple on my year mark. Isn’t that a tender mercy that it fell on that day. God is so good to me. Hermana Burnham and Hermana Driesel were in my session. It made it that much sweeter. I felt the distinct prompting that I just need to look up more. Hence, the title. God is in control. He is with me. There is no need to fear because I am about doing His business. He is all powerful! 

I love being a missionary. I love feeling God work through me. I know that this is His work. Honestly, looking back a year ago, the work felt different. Those prepared people are finding us! The work is hastening. I wish I could be here for all of 2014 because this time is so exciting. THIS IS SO REAL! I love it. This is true joy. 

Keep smiling, 

Hermana Parry
Bipolar weather in Houston

Temple Trip on my YEAR MARK

The cutest guatemalteco!

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