Wednesday, July 24, 2013

That awkward moment when I am still in Gulfbank

Monday, July 22, 2013

Remember how I was so dramatic last week that I would be leaving the area? Well I’m still here! And I am so happy. I just feel a little awkward because I definitely told my favorites of the ward that I was leaving and did the big dramatic goodbyes. I definitely made Angie cry. So I feel terrible. In my defense, I was told that I was leaving so it’s not all my fault haha. But it’s definitely a blessing I get to stay!!! There is so much that I want to do here.

Erika is so close to accepting a date. And so is Marta! It’s about time. We were so blunt with Marta this week. I was a little scared I might make her mad with all the questions I was asking but I really felt inspired to ask. So I did and I think it went over pretty well. We also took Hermana Gandara to a lesson with Marta this week and it was amazing. Hermana Gandara is una viejita y es un fire ball. Seriously the sassiest woman I have ever met. It was perfect though. We read Alma 34 and we even read the super intimidating parts of that chapter to really make Marta feel the urgency of the decision to be baptized. There was one part in the lesson when Hermana Gandara leaned on the edge of her seat and got in Marta's face and pointed her little finger at her telling her that she needed to get baptized. It was so intense. The spirit was so strong though. Marta says she knows that it is all true and wants to be baptized one day; she just wants to know more. Keep her in your prayers. She is so close.

So Hermana Burnham and I are trio training. I feel like something crazy always happens right before I am about to train. Last time it was the food poisoning and this time we had a huge massive blackout the night before. We couldn't even get into our complex. Which was really ok because there is no way we would sleep there without any lights with everything that has happened there. We ended up sleeping at the Marin's home since the mission home was packed with greenies. Our baby was due on Thursday and her name is Hermana Koch. She is from Laguna and is SO cute. Seriously, so adorable and funny. We are always laughing! But don’t worry we are extremely focused.  You just have to have fun while doing the work. We are working bien duro aqui. I am exhausted. It’s amazing how just a few days all together and we are already making a ton of progress here in this area. Its unreal to think about how much this area has changed since I first got here. I kind of feel like a mom to everyone here and it freaks me out. (Also can you believe I am almost 20- that's disgustingly old right?) Gulfbank is the bees knees.

I’m realizing a lot lately that everything is just between my Savior and me. This whole mission is supposed to get me to KNOW who my Savior is. I hope that by the end of this whole experience I can say that I know him a lot better than I did before. Life is never going to be easy and comfortable. In fact, we have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. The mission is just teaching me how to get good dealing with trials and problems. All your insecurities and doubts spring to the surface out here and at times you really feel alone because you are separated from everyone.  The only refuge is found from our Heavenly Father and his plan for each of us. I’m so grateful He sent His son to this earth for me. There are times I want to throw in the towel but then I remember I can do this because HE DID THIS and some. Little by little I am realizing that I truly can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.

I am happy and healthy!

Love you lots,

Hermana Parry
TRIO - Companionship
Hermana Parry
Hermana Burnham
Hermana Koch
They are feeding us too much food....

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