Monday, July 15, 2013

Nearing my 6-month mark

Dad keeps telling me to get Maria and Florencio baptized before I leave this area but to be honest, I don't really think that is going to be happening. I am probably leaving this area on Thursday. I have to say that leaving my baby area and Hermana Burnham might be harder than leaving for my mission. The reason why I say that Maria and Florencio will not be baptized anytime soon is because we got a response to that letter we left on their door. In the letter I was pretty bold. I basically told them that you know that this is true and that you know what you need to do. Our response came in a funeral card. On the front it said, with caring thoughts and in the inside it said, may your memories comfort you now (or something to that effect). Then there was this really long letter from Maria. You know some parts were really good and I definitely think she was inspired to say some of the things that she did. I had to read it through a lot of times in order to finally be able to find peace with the whole situation. She was so sweet in the letter and told us not to be sad. She said that she knows we really were sent by God for them at this time. She said that we did our work and now the rest was up to God. God has a path for each of us individually. She and Lencho are attending a Baptist Church right now. She is a Sunday school teacher for the ninos and Lencho is in the alabanza choir playing the guitar. I have to say, it is awesome that they are trying to sincerely follow and serve God. I know that they will get to where they need to end up. It is just going to take a while. I know they truly love us and will remember us forever, which makes me feel so good. I cannot tell you how much I have learned from meeting them. I feel like my whole mission can be summed up with them. They were put in our path for Hermana Burnham and me. That is another reason why I think I am leaving this area because I love them so much and I can't bear the thought that they just broke up with us.  

We had a really awesome tracting experience this week though! Our correlation meeting was canceled so we thought that we would just knock some doors until 9. The very last house of the night was this cute little yellow one. I remember seeing it and thinking how much success we have had with cute yellow houses (I will probably end up having a yellow house after my mission because of it). Anyways, we knock and the door and a son and his mom answer. We say we are missionaries of Jesus Christ. There is a definite pause. The son then asks who sent us because his dad had just passed away the night before. His mom immediately turns to everyone else in the house and says "There are 2 angels on our doorstep!" We were invited in and pray with them. We then went back Saturday to do men's work. Seriously though. We did yard-work for hours, in the Houston heat. I have never sweat so much in my life. Every minute Hermana Burnham and I would shake our face and sweat would fly off. I know that is disgusting but I just wanted to give you guys an idea of what its like down here in the South. We are going to teach the plan of salvation tonight because they have A LOT of questions. Really excited. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Family, I love my mission. I am truly on the Lord's errand. A couple of times every day Hermana Burnham and I will turn to each other and just be like dude, we are missionaries!!!! I cannot tell you what an honor and privilege it is to serve. Everyone go on a mission. It is the best. There is not any other place that can replace the experiences and lessons that are gained from a mission. I can’t believe that I am coming up on my 6-month mark. Time goes by so fast because you get so caught up with the Lord. Literally, I am so grateful for the mission because I have a REAL relationship with Him. He sustains me, strengthens me, encourages me, guides me, heals me and empowers me. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you choose to do things the Lord's ways. There is a lot that we as men can do. But when we choose to do things with Him that is when we reach new heights. Wow. Isn’t the gospel great?

Praying for you always,

Hermana Parry

PS. How awkward would that be if I didn't leave this transfer? Just a thought haha

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