Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"I'm probably happier than you right now."

I can't really remember anything in particular that happened this week. But thats not surprising- my memory is terrible. All I do know is that I have never laughed so hard in my whole entire life. Honestly though. The people here are hilarious. And so is Hermana Burnham. This week she told me that I laugh at my own jokes ... So apparently I think I'm pretty funny too. Asi es.
I kind of feel like all I need to say is WOW this church is true and I could be done with my email. All my feelings sum up to that simple truth. All my happiness comes from that witness.  All that I am is because of that source of knowledge. Its amazing how life changing the message of the Restoration of Christ's church is. I have seen that first hand again this week and I am so grateful for this opportunity to work so closely with so many different people to help strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ so that they can experience this happiness. Its unlike anything I could ever try to describe. You all just need to go out and testify about what you know to everyone. You have no idea who is ready to talk these life changing steps until you talk to them!
I can just think back to the first time that we met Florencio. Little did we know that he was a drunk who desperately needed Christ in his life. But now he is on a path in order to straighten up his life and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. You know how you read the stories about people just fallen at the feet of Jesus wanting to be healed in the Bible and Book of Mormon? There is no other way to describe Florencio. He is there is Jesus' feet and it is amazing.
Him and Maria came to church yesterday. Right on time too! I was on the other side of the congregation but quickly made my way to them. Im sorry but yes I gave Florencio the biggest hug- in front of the entire ward. I couldnt resist. It was beautiful to see him in the chapel. He was crying because he knew that there was hope for him and he is really starting to realize that he can change. Yesterday he told me that he was in complete obscuridad and that Christ is su luz. I introduced him to bishop and Florencio just broke down again. Bishop was awesome and nailed it. The spirit was so strong while he was talking. Also it was really nice because Florencio told bishop that we were his angels. That truth is given to us by angels and that we were that for him. Maria then agreed and told him of her story of how she has been waiting for this opportunity to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She said that God has really heard her prayers and she feels his love more then ever before.
They ate up church yesterday. They said that everything that they heard and were taught felt like it was specifically for them. They were both crying during the first hour. Hermana Gandara and the High Priest over our ward spoke. Im pretty sure you don't get a more stellar combination than that. Maria went up to probably every single member of our ward and introduced herself. She then bore her testimony in gospel principles and was answering questions. She bore a powerful testimony about baptism. She is so excited. For some reason we got talking about the temple and under her breath she was saying something to the effect of, that is the end.
Florencio apparently went up to Elder Mondragon after and was talking to him about baptism and how he wanted that so badly. We also helped make a strong friendship between Florencio and a former alcoholic who is now the ward secretary. They talked and talked and the member (Pablo Ramierez Jr) said that you just call me anytime, I am here for you. That melted my heart! Everyone loves Florencio and Maria. But I mean who wouldnt. They are my favorite people I have ever met. I cannot wait to see them get baptized and in a year from then, go through the temple with them so that they can be sealed for time and all eternity!
Maria is also the best little missionary. She invited all her family to church and is giving us the addresses so we can go visit them. She knows that this is life chaning and this is what we all need for our own salvation.
This is why I am here. For Florencio and Maria. There is something about them that I cannot even explain over email. I cannot wait for you to one day meet them. But more importantly I cannot wait for that day when we are all found worthy to be together in the presence of God and Jesus Christ. This is what a mission is all about. This is the happiness that I cannot even explain.
I love you all so very much!
Thank you so much for your sacrifices to let me be out here. We are working so hard and the Lord knows that. He is blessing Hermana Burnham and me with these wonderful people. I truly know that I am on the Lord's errand and it is wonderful.
Have a great week and Father's Day!!
Hermana Parry
PS quick side note, we went to a funeral last night and the whole time I was thinking about what I would say about my parents at their funeral. As sad as that was, I realized how extremely blessed I have been to have such goodly parents. I LOVE YOU! Thanks for all your love and support. Its far reaching

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  1. Hermana Parry, You light up the world. I love reading about your experiences, your testimony, your love of the people and your excitement for the work. Your companion looks like the best. How could anyone deny the light in your eyes. Katelyn St. John, my granddaughter, is doing so very well in the MTC. She loves the work, she loves the learning and most of all she loves the Spirit that is so strong in the MTC. She has seen miracles already. Indeed the Church is true and the Lord is blessing us. They have to hold the Tuesday Devotional in the Marriott Center now because there are so many missionaries (about 4,000) now. Keep up the good work.
    Claudine Cable