Monday, April 22, 2013

Sundays are the best days

I miss you all so much!! I cannot wait for Mother's day. My companion laughs whenever I tell her how my mom is already freaking out making sure that I have somewhere to SKYPE, not call, but skype! Haha but secretly I am also trying to figure out how to get this all situated... haha I have to see my boy Crew somehow!

This week I completed my first transfer in Houston! To be honest, that scares me a little bit. I have no idea where the time goes. Its so true how the days are so long but the weeks are so short!

I am so grateful for the opportunity my zone had to go to the temple this week. It was seriously so needed. It was the best day of the mission! Maybe not but wow the temple is awesome. I wish I could just stay in there forever. I was obviously the last one to leave but I am so glad I stayed a little longer because a family had just gotten sealed and the son had just taken out his endowments because he was getting ready to go on his mission. I got to see them stand next to each other hugging and looking into the infinity mirrors. Reminded me of when I did the exact same thing with my family in December. I just started balling because it is such a blessing the God had provided us with a way to live with our families for eternity! This temple trip was really just reflecting on all the blessings I have been given and how fortunate I am to be able to live with my family forever. It also helped me remember my purpose that this is the end goal for the people I am working with and trying to find. The happiness that I saw this family have is something that I cannot even try to explain in this email. The happiness that I felt with my own family, I definitely cannot even begin to describe. This is the plan of happiness and it is perfect. I HAVE to help people get there and understand it all. I kind of feel like Lehi after he ate the fruit in his dream and just wanted to share it with his whole family. The people of Gulfbank are my family right now and I just need to give them a glimpse of the happiness that they can feel because of God's plan.

Anyways, also had an interesting Sunday this week. It was ward conference and wow it was awesome! Not only where the lessons just motivating and rejuvenating but Hermana Ramierez's husband came to church for the first time in many moons. Usually when we go over there for dinner he is totally drunk and Hermana just has to apologize the whole entire time. But he looked so dapper and sharp! He was sitting there during sacrament, smiling next to his wife and she was just holding his arm looking like she was on cloud 9. It was so cute! Also big news! Angie's dad is now thinking of letting her being baptized!! We have a noche de hogar with them this evening so we are hoping we can help them realize the importance of this step of baptism as a family- with my experience at the temple I’m feeling pretty ready. haha Angie came up to us and was just beaming with the news to tell us about how her dad was thinking about letting her get baptized. It was awesome!

Also we had a miracle last night. All of our citas fell through yesterday. Every. Single. One. So to say the least it was a rough day. But at 830 we decided to go see our recent convert- Irving. He is always home with his mom so we thought that it would be a safe bet. For some crazy reason he was not home!! We were just like, are you serious right now. BUT it was suppose to happen this way. We didn’t park in our normal spot. We parked on the other side of the complex so we had a long way to walk back to our car. On our way back this girl came up to me and was asking if we were people of God and that she needed a lot of help right now. She gave us her life story. Two of her brothers had been shot and she had just lost her baby in early pregnancy. She was beginning to develop so much anger towards God and she was scared because she did not want to feel that. She also didn’t want to revert to her old ways of smoking and drinking. Someone pulled her away as we were talking to her because her friend was about to get in a fight and she had to go stop them but we got her name and address and are going to refer her to the sisters in her area. We also called the cops because the fight broke out and it was bad. Gulfbank sure is great! And I’m being totally serious. I love it here so much!

I know that God works in miraculous ways and I just have to trust in His wisdom.

I love you all so much and I want you to know that I am happy! Always so happy.

Mucho amor siempre,

Hermana Parry
It was the best day of the mission!  
Maybe not but wow the temple is awesome. 
I wish I could just stay in there forever.
It is such a blessing that God has provided us with
a way to live with our families for eternity.
I am so grateful for the opportunity
my zone had to go to the temple this week.

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