Monday, February 4, 2013


Dated Jan 30th, 2013

They let us write home tonight unfortunately lights out are in 4 minutes.  I wish I had 20 minutes. I have so much to say.

Today has been hard. This is going to be hard. But I am so happy.  Emotions are very extreme here. When it is bad - it's bad.  But I know that is Satan working on me because he knows all the lives I'll change.

I saw Jake today (Elder Parry). That was amazing. I have ran into a million people here. It helps calm my nerves.

We got right to work here. We had people act as investigators. I tried contributing but I got rejected by him when I spoke. Already learning that sometimes I'm going to be rejected and its going to be heart breaking but you got to keep trying.

Nothing to lose except souls - thats my motto.

My companion is from Mesa! She is so smart and put together.  I'll tell you more later. I think we'll be good for each other.

I'm already having tender mercies. Right when I start to get down, my relief society coordinator, familiar faces, or friendly sisters in my district appear and push me through.

It's awesome! I love it here. Wish I could call but this is how its suppose to be done. I'm on his time now.

OXOX, Hermana Parry

P.S. Mom you're a packing genius! And espanol is no bueno...

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