Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Midway Point in the MTC - week three

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hola familia y amigos

So today marks my midway point here in the MTC. I cannot believe how fast this is going. I feel like I was just writing you an email yesterday!

This week has been really interesting... I am so thankful for the tender mercies of the Lord that have really helped me keep going this week though!

I don't know if I mentioned this before but we had 2 new girls move in to our room. They are going to the Las Vegas West mission! One of the new sisters is good friends with one of the other girls in the room. The other sister is from Spring, TX which is in MY mission. She is best family friends with the Pingrees (my mission president)! Right when I found this out I made her give me that whole low down on Houston. She is so excited for Hermana P and me. She says that we are going to love the people, the place, and especially our mission president. She told us how President Pingree had a revelation right before he officially became mission president in the Houston Mission. He said how he knew that there were tens of thousands of people that are just waiting for the gospel and are ready to be taught. How exciting is that? That has really put things here in the MTC in perspective for me. I have really changed my study habits so that I can be better prepared and equipped to teach the doctrine and share my testimony.

This week I have also been so grateful for prayer. I know that when you offer your whole self to God and confide with him your deepest desires and pains, you can be comforted and healed. We all need to be healed and it is through prayer that I have truly felt God's love for me this week. There is something powerful when you decide to kneel and ponder before you even begin your prayer. It truly shows that you are humbling yourself before the will of God. I love in 1 Nephi when it talks about the people falling down at the tree of life. It shows that after the people clung to the iron rod through all trials and temptations and tribulations, they were so thankful and grateful for the love of God that they just collapsed. When I pray, I kneel because I have fallen in front of my Savior and Heavenly Father because of the overwhelming gratitude that I feel towards them and their love for me.

I have learned that answers to prayers rarely come all at one, but rather piece by piece. We have to make choices that we feel are right and then go with them until we feel the warning from them spirit that they are wrong. It is truly a process, but a necessary process. We grow so much as an individual when we proceed with faith, hope, righteousness, work, determination, and struggle. Sometimes when we don’t feel the spirit guiding us, that is solely because we have to make the decision and start to proceed down that path. I promise that if we have faith, the Lord won't let us get too far without confirming that the path we are taking is correct. For me, that is a really scary thought. But I know that the Lord truly is in the details of our lives and is going to give us growing experiences that we need in order to become what he wants and needs us to become.

Spanish is seriously a roller coaster. It’s been hard not to get discouraged and frustrated with myself. Then I have to think that I have only been studying here for 3 weeks, and for 3 weeks I am pretty good. Sometimes you can just really feel the language barrier. And the barrier is a real thing. You feel yourself running into it- like running into a wall. It hurts and it’s sad because you struggle sharing the desires and love of your heart. But I love learning and I am happy to learn Spanish because I know that is what the people in Houston who need me speak.

Oh, quick side note: My new roommate was telling me how the youth in that area are amazing. They just love the gospel so much so they bring at least 5 of their friends to activities and church. She was saying that on one Sunday they had mission prep and that 40% of the people there were non-members. She was saying how important making a relationship with the youth would be because that is where you are going to get your investigators. This whole thing made me think about Kayla. I am so proud of her and I miss her a lot.  She is such an example to me and I am thankful for the support that she gives me even though we are so far apart. I honestly feel it so strong here. Especially this week- it was such a tender mercy for me. Kayla, I can't wait to hear about your missionary stories in a few years. You’re gonna be great because you are already great!

So we had 2 districts leave this week. That was really hard. These districts really eased me into the MTC and strengthened me with their testimonies. We always sing God Be With You Till We Meet Again on their last Sunday. I pray and hope that we all live worthily so that we can return to Jesus' feet together. They are going to be so amazing and I know that they are going to change so many lives in their respective missions because they have seriously changed mine so much. Some just got transfer to Boise, ID so Macdonalds look out for them! They are waiting for visas.

I know that the church is true. I am so thankful to be in the MTC. It sounds like things are pretty crazy with everyone right now and I am so thankful to be somewhere where I am constantly reminded to have an eternal perspective and of the love that God has for me and each of us.

Hope all is well with everyone! Thanks again for all the letters and packages. You are all the best!

xoxo, Hermana Parry

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