Monday, July 21, 2014


So I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before but Hna Saenz is a convert and her family was found by sister missionaries when she was 11 years old. One of the sister missionaries fell and hurt herself pretty bad but the companion said, "ONE MORE DOOR." Sure enough, that was the door of the Saenz family. Little did they know that they would be baptized a few short weeks later. Anyways, with all that being said, WE HAD A ONE MORE DOOR EXPERIENCE YESTERDAY!

We had a dinner with the Turner’s yesterday but we noticed that we had about 15 minutes until we had to be there. Instead of just going early, we went to contact a referral that we received a few weeks ago but have not had any luck with. Well it was sure a blessing that we did because the referral was home! After about 7 times, we finally meet her! She is going through a divorce right now and just a mess so a hermana in the ward has really wanted us to go over there and talk with her. Well her son opened the door and we explained who we were and then asked for Renee. Renee was just yelling from upstairs because she had pena since it was late Sunday afternoon and she was still in her pajamas. But then we must have said something that caught her interest because she came downstairs and outside to talk to us. Luckily, I was carrying a Book of Mormon because she asked if it was for her. We explained it to her and testified how it will really help heal her in this time and give her the answers that she so desperately needs to push forward with her son. She just started crying. She was like, “do you really believe that?” And of course we just reassured her. It was really sweet. And then she reached in her hugs and we just held her as she cried. She promised she would start reading that same day and then said how she really thinks that this is her answer. She then posted on Facebook that picture that I sent you all- that today Jesus knocked on her door and that He has been so persistent and that she would be a fool not to listen. We left her doorstep with the biggest smiles on our faces. So all of you out there, just remember, ONE MORE DOOR! 

Yesterday was also my last Sunday. Hna Saenz and I sang the EFY medley in Spanglish. It was so fun! I loved looking out and seeing everyone. It’s a really long song so we had plenty of time to just smile at everyone- my favorite thing to do. Anyways, Hna Licona finally returned back from California after leaving me for 10 weeks. Thank goodness. Now I can return home in peace because I saw her again. When we saw each other we just hugged a million times. I adore that lady. Araceli was also at church and loved it. She even brought a friend that we will hopefully be able to start teaching! There were actually a lot of random people at church that we are going to go start teaching this week. IT IS SUCH A BLESSING!!! We have been searching and searching for people and I know that God saw our sacrifices and has now entrusted us with these prepared individuals. We will be talking a lot about baptism this week with these people! Life is good. We are going to work so hard. 

I have lately just found a lot of comfort in where I am headed in life. You all know that one of my flaws has always been to have super high expectations for myself-- sometimes way too high, well lets be honest, most of the time. But my mission has taught be that it is literally impossible to be the best in everything as well that it is impossible to be a completely perfect missionary. But I know I gave MY best and did what I could to try. Christ continually made up for my failures and weaknesses and took them to greater heights. It is the coolest thing to have seen. I am grateful for the growth that has occurred in me over the past few months. I am just happy because I know where I need to go and I understand how to get there and I am not frustrated with the imperfections and mistakes because I understand the purpose for why they are there in the first place. Thankfully, I have a few more days to keep working! But I know that I have been successful in the mission to which I was called to do. I can feel it and it fills me! But I know that these 18 months do not cut it. 

There is a scripture in Alma 43:1 that really motivates me. The scripture is found right after Alma the younger has given counsel to each of his sons to serve and love God as well as right after the Alma has dedicated much of his time and talents as a missionary. It says that after Alma had delivered his message, HE COULD NOT REST! I too feel that way. This is just the beginning. Just as Alma went back out to serve, I too am going to go back out and serve. Man, I am grateful for the Book of Mormon. It really does teach us what we must do in our lives. 

I love the Lord. I know that He lives. I am so infinitely grateful for His atonement that not only redeems us from the fall of Adam and Eve but also of ourselves. I have seen how the atonement literally does mend hearts. It is beautiful. I love the gospel that allows us to access the fullness of the blessings that are available because of the atonement. This is the Lord's church. There is no doubt in my heart. I love you all and thank you so much for the support over the past quick months! 

See you in a quick few days.... 

Keep smiling, 
Hermana Parry 

this is a chile relleno. yes it is just one and yes i ate it all.
we were with Hno Alatorre. Best cook ever!
this is alexa alatorre. you might recognize her from the text message picture she sent
you when the fire happened at our church building. i love this little girl. 
anita is the short one with the bangs. beautiful beautiful experience.
we were in the temple for 6 hours with her! 
Brother and Sister Sapp
this picture is really awkward because we thought that we would have to squat to all be in it.
buuttt let me introduce you to the sapps. i love them.
Brother Sapp has been the one who has taught me all about family history.
I met him when I was in Gulfbank with Hna Burnham. I look up to him to much.
He is the most tender and sweetest man ever. He is like a grandpa to me!
remember that story i told you about the little girl who wrapped herself in a blanket and told me to eat her because she was a taco?
 this is her... CAMILA. 
and this is a miracle text explained in my email letter.
hermana saenz and i just kept eating all the dulces.
tamarindo is my new favorite. 

" get that corn outta my face "

breakfast this morning with my favorite hermanita.
homemade tortillas, platanes, beans, and juevos. 

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