Monday, August 12, 2013

Singing with thunder

Another great week! But I don’t know why it wouldn’t be great because I AM A MISSIONARY and that is the greatest thing ever!

My very first Saturday here in the mission field, I placed a Book of Mormon with a man named Jose. I knew little to no Spanish that day when I first met him so all I told him was to read the book because it was true. Immediately, I loved this guy! I remember making Hermana Serrano drive over there 3 times a week to see if he was home. There was something special about him. Plus it was my first real missionary experience and it was so awesome! When we would try to stop by, he was never home and his wife was not too fond of us. After a while we backed off and then finally we made no more attempts. However, yesterday we had were walking around his neighborhood and got the impression to turn around and knock on his door. And Jose answered the door! I asked if he remembered me and we starting joking around, having a good time. The best part about it all was that he told us that he has been reading the Book of Mormon!!! He told us to come back on Tuesday so that we could explain it a little bit more to him. He said he would only give us a little bit of time though because his wife is really against us. But I will take whatever I can get. So if you want to pray that her heart will be softened, I think that we will see some miracles with them. He is golden. You look at him and he just radiates the light of Christ. Man I love Jose!

Alex is still avoiding us, which literally breaks my heart! But the great thing is I think we just picked up his younger brother Omar. The first time we met the Jiminez family; I knew Omar would be the one who would be super receptive to the gospel. He kept saying "ooo wow" when we were explaining things to him about prayer and our Heavenly Father. Anyways, yesterday we decided to stop by the Jiminez house so that we could talk to Alex about coming with us to church. We stopped over there at about 1015 and the service started at 11. Omar and his friend opened the door. He invited them to come to church and Omar replied saying "I was actually thinking about coming to church today." How perfect right? Alex wasn’t able to go for some reason or another but it’s ok because Omar and his friend wearing a cut off shirt and beanie came! We roped them in by saying that we were singing. It worked and it was awesome. We sang "mas cerca dios de ti" sin piano. It was the prettiest rendition. Also it was super stormy yesterday and there was thunder shaking the building while we were singing. It was pretty awesome! Omar and his friend decided to stay for Sunday school as well. The only problem was Omar's friend doesn’t know any Spanish. So they came to the 14-18 year old class that we were substituting for. We had prayed the night before to know what to teach these kids and we all came to the conclusion of Chastity. So our first official lesson with him was chastity. We thought it might be uncomfortable but it was so awesome! He was asking all these really great questions and the spirit was so strong during it. We were very blunt too, which really helped clear things up for the youth. There was one part when I was talking about the blessings of being chaste and Omar turned and asked me if I really believed in those things. I said without a doubt. And you know I do know that without a doubt. He kept saying how he never knew that it was such a big deal to not live the law of chastity but if it is in the scriptures that it must be true. It was a really awesome experience. Taught me never to be uncomfortable or shy about what we believe. It is truth. Teach it with confidence and the spirit will be there to testify.

This week we also sang in the pulga with the Elders. We stopped and started singing in a vacant booth. It was amazing! The spirit was so beautiful. Sure maybe it was a little weird to get started but once the spirit was there; we knew that we had to be there. Occasionally we got a little crowd. It was usually just children- like I've said before; we need to all become more like children. The best part was that the booth across from us is a member! She was baptized in Mexico and lost contact with the church when she came here to Texas. Crazy how we had no idea that we were being guided directly to her! We are going to start doing that every Saturday. It was so much fun and there are a million people there. It is like the little markets that we were at in Guatemala! But not as cool ha-ha I still love it though because the people here are my people! I am starting to feel like I know everyone in this area. It’s awesome.

Anyways, I love you all so much! Have fun sailing this week. It’s tempting to say that I wish I was there but in all honesty, I love my Tejanos too much. Seriously though, have so much fun!

abrazos y besos,

Hermana Parry

Singing at the Pulga

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