Sunday, March 31, 2013

Todo a su tiempo

The biggest lesson that I have learned this week is that everything really is in the Lord's hands. Thats really comforting to know but it is also really frustrating in the mission field when you are working so stinkin hard! But I just want to say that I seriously do have a testimony that God knows us individually and is working with each of us to help us progress and make our way back to Him. It is definitely a process- a long, constant process! But there is nothing that will bring you more joy when you accept that.
I also have to say thanks mom and dad for letting me and helping me go on this mission. Ive already met people that I know I need and that need me. Its weird when you can just feel that right when they open the door and start talking to them. Nothing is by coincidence and thats awesome! Dad sent me a scripture this week that I wrote in my planner because it was so perfect for what was happening- its Esther 4:14 "Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" Remember that you all are where you are for a reason. Make the most of it and sea valiente! I am learning that. It is not easy but it is possible with faith. In Matt 19:26 it says "But Jesus beheld them and said unto them, with men this is impossible but with God all things are possible." That is the message we have been trying to share with our investigators this week. That God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to help us in ALL things. It is amazing to see how that changes people when they truly let that sink in. Being a missionary is the best!
Ok now for the good stuff aka the miracles and tender mercies of this week: 
1. I dont know if you remember me telling you about Yesenia and Beatrice last week. Yesenia is 17 and takes care of her sick, sick grandma? Anyways, she is golden and we had a stellar lesson with her this week. We planned on talking about the Restoration with her but all that changed. Before we went in to the lesson, she took us to meet her mom next door. Scariest moment of my life because last time we were with Yesenia, she was saying how mean her mom was and how she says no to everything. So the whole way over there my companera and i were praying so hard that we would know what to say to the mom so that we could keep teaching Yesenia because she is so excited about the gospel. Anyways, our prayers were answered at that time and the mom was great and we can keep teaching Yesenia at the grandma's house. So we went back to the grandmas house and for some reason felt like we needed to talk about Christ and his atonement. She really doesn't know much about the gospel but the grandma is catholic. I am so grateful the spirit guided us to talk about Christ because the mom sent over the brother, who was clearly intoxicated to come over and spy on us. We felt this darkness enter the room when he entered and it was a little bit awkward. But we picked up the lesson again and once we started talking about Christ, the bad was seriously overpowered. At the end of the lesson we taught Yesenia how to pray. Her first prayer is the most sincere and powerful prayer I have ever heard. This is what I wrote in my journal about it "I am sitting in the car right now outside of Yesenia and Beatrice's apartment writing this right now because I do not ever want to forget how I feel at this moment. We just got done with our lesson with Yesenia and Beatrice... When we asked Yesenia to pray, she said she didnt know how to. We clearly said it was just feelings from your heart. She started by saying Dear God, I Love you. Youre awesome. Thank you for keeping my grandma around for this long. Tell my grandpa I love him and I am taking care of her now. She then ended it." As we were leaving I asked how she felt and she said really good and had the cutest and biggest smile I have ever seen. I told her thats the Holy Ghost confirming to you that God heard your prayer and that He loves you because you are His daughter. And just when I thought her smile couldnt get any bigger, it did. She is awesome and has such a strong desire to know more. She also loves to read so we are so excited to give her a Book of Mormon. I am so thankful for that prompting last week to knock on her door. 

2. Remember how we arent allowed to tract after a certain time here, well we finished with our dinner appointment last Thursday at 8:20. That gave us about 40 minutes to do something. We didnt really have anything planned in particular but we both felt like we needed to go to Hermana Cardenas house- she is a menos activo. She wasnt home though which was a total bummer. We started driving away about to get on the feeder near her house when all of a sudden we got a phone call from her. She was asking where we were and if we could come by. We immediately turned around and headed back to her house. When she opened the door she just started crying. She was saying how she was so worried about getting her daughter to college and feeding her and paying bills, etc etc. She was so scared and felt so alone. She had the prompting though to call the missionaries because they can help. (This is the lady who said she feels something super special when we come over and she just loves it). We shared some scriptures with her about how our trials are only but for a small moment. On Saturday we had a special fast with her and she started seeing all these blessing open up unto her. She is feeling a lot better which makes me so happy. She said that she was going to come to church on Sunday too but unfortunately never showed up.

3. This week we found another family. I love when we find families that are wanting to know more because this message is for the families and it strengthens them so much! Ricardo and Margerita have 4 kids, and one of them is 8. They are from Mexico. They are so genuine and open. It is amazing. The mom really gets excited and lights up when we talk to her. We talked about faith last time and did fuego de fe with them. That is my companeras all time favorite thing to do with people. Its great! But I am really excited to talk to them about the Restoration and God's plan for families. Its going to be a great week with them! And with all our investigators.
There were a bunch of other totally amazing moments this week but I cant write them all because I just do not have time. But things are progressing down here and we are helping so many people. I dont know how else to say it- but missionary work is the best.
Miss you all and hope you are all doing well! I get stoked when I hear from you even though it isn't daily like in the MTC. They spoil you there.
I am so happy. And so ready to work even harder this week. There is so much potential in Gulfbank. You can literally just see it.
mucho amor,
Hermana Parry
PS remember those easter eggs you sent me last year with the confetti in them? well they had those at our ward easter picnic on saturday and they were a huge hit with the kids. there is this little boy named Herbert, cutest boy you will ever meet- kinda remids me of Zach, but anyways, he was just a hoot and told me to bend over and I being totally oblivious did and he cracked the egg on my head in front of the whole ward. i felt like a complete dork because I fell for it. everyone was just laughing and laughing and now i am the joke of the ward! Seriously, Houston 5th is the best.  
Easter Egg Hunt

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